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Joe Biden trolled for 'creepy' behavior with kids in video while surveying Kentucky tornado damage

Joe Biden was visiting the site of the storm's devastation in Mayfield where he was jeered
UPDATED DEC 16, 2021
Joe Biden was trolled as he visited Kentucky to visit the site of destructions by storms (Twitter)
Joe Biden was trolled as he visited Kentucky to visit the site of destructions by storms (Twitter)

Joe Biden was greeted with 'Let's Go Brandon' when he arrived in Kentucky to visit the site of the devastation caused by the quad-state storms over the past weekend. He described the destruction as a "God-awful mess" as people in Mayfield, Kentucky, were trying to recover from the shock of it all. He acknowledged that the damages sustained in these areas aren't going to be fixed quickly and might be done in "a month, in two months, in three months".

He promised federal help for the first 30 days not just in Kentucky but the other states as well. Biden was also heckled and called 'pedophile' by a woman as he spoke to the press, and the emotion was mirrored by people on the Internet shortly after. Biden said the country had sustained damage worth $99 billion this year alone due to foul weather and climate change. "And I’ve — I’ve been impressed how everybody is working together. I really mean it. It’s just amazing. The stories I’ve heard are all personal stories, not stories about “I lost…”, “I did this.” They’re talking about other people and helping other people. It’s just been amazing, and — but not surprising," he said about the people of Mayfield, following the survey. Three hours later, Biden arrived to address the communities in Dawson Springs where he was greeted by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.


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Biden heckled and dubbed 'pedo'

A woman named Oliya Scootercaster shared a video of Biden addressing a pool of reporters in Mayfield. After speaking with reporters briefly, an unidentified woman from the crowd yelled, "Pedophile. Where's the children? Where they at?". Biden ignored the insult and addressed the cameras saying, "Build Back Better". He took a lot of pictures with residents of Kentucky, including young kids, and shortly after these started to surface on the Internet, critics started to attack Biden. 

"#biden in #DawsonSprings He always has to get sooo creepy with the kids at these press conferences... #Kentucky #JoeBiden" tweeted a user. "Watch Joe Biden drag that kid with him," wrote another, sharing a video of Biden speaking during the visit. Here's another tweet, too inflammatory to be mentioned. Click here for a tweet of a similar nature, here goes another.