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Biden's home fence built using $500K federal funds, Internet says he 'canceled our wall'

Reports indicate DHS spent nearly half a million to secure Delaware property Biden has visited twice since becoming POTUS leaving the internet furious
UPDATED OCT 23, 2021
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden back in April 2020. (@joebiden/Instagram)
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden back in April 2020. (@joebiden/Instagram)

President Joe Biden has once again become the subject of media scrutiny, and Internet fury, after it was revealed taxpayers are footing the massive bill for the fence of one of his homes. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reportedly spent  $456,548 to build a security fence around Biden's summer home in Delaware, a property he has only visited twice since becoming president in January. 

The news comes at a difficult time for Biden, who has been racking up numerous controversies over the costs his administration has incurred. Back in March, a report came out saying taxpayers were paying $392 per day to house immigrant families in hotels before it was debunked by many organizations including MEAWW. In mid-October, it emerged the administration was secretly flying teens and children to juvenile facilities in Florida and New York, to ease the burden on Texas. 


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In late September, we reported that the president was reportedly using a tax loophole to avoid paying around $500K in taxes, incidentally a similar amount to what his security fence in Delaware costs. Amidst all this, he's also facing mounting criticism over the massive $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan. The bill has recently been shaved down to $1.9 trillion to make it more palatable to Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, but it is still being opposed by Republicans. Now, there's the cost of security at Biden's secondary Delaware property adding to the controversy.


$500K spent for property Biden visited twice

The president frequently flies back home to Delaware, recording just six weekends at the White House during the first 29 weeks of his presidency. But, almost all those visits are to his main family home in Wilmington, Delaware. In contrast, they've made only two visits to the summer home on Rehoboth Beach, once for Jill's 70th birthday in June, and another in September. 

Built in 2007, the Biden's purchased the 0.34-acre property for $2.74 million in 2017. Since then, he's made numerous visits to the property, but they have considerably dwindled since becoming president. Nonetheless, the DHS has reportedly spent close to half a million to build a security fence around the property, with construction beginning on September 21. The upgrade is reportedly being done by a local firm - Turnstone Holdings - and will be completed by December 31, according to the contract


As The Daily Mail noted, it's unclear why Biden needs to upgrade the property when he doesn't visit it as frequently as Camp David. He has spent eight weekends at the retreat since becoming president, which while less than his predecessor, is still more than trips to his Delaware vacation home. The massive costs, on taxpayers' dime, have raised eyebrows. Fox News host Jesse Watters commented late on October 22, "While Joe Biden refuses to secure America's southern border, he is building walls around his vacation home. Maybe walls do work after all."

'His arrogance is pure Evil'

Watters wasn't the only one to notice the irony. As news of the contract made its way to social media, many were quick to slam Biden. One person tweeted, "Dear Lord!". Another commented, "Didn’t the Dumb-Ass say he was anti wall?" One person commented, "American citizens don't get a safety border wall! Biden doesn't get a safety wall for his Delaware Beach House! His arrogance is pure Evil!"




"It's always #AmericaLast with the #JoeBama administration," one person tweeted. Another angry person said, "Corrupt Biden had the government pay $456k for a wall around his Delaware beach house and refuses to finish Trump's border wall to protect us. Let us destroy the sick Democrats." One person commented, "Apparently walls do work to protect democrats… They worked around the Capital after Democrats demanded them to be put in place, they worked for Obama’s million dollar place in DC and now for Biden’s Delaware beach house, but sadly they claim they won’t work at the border." Expressing outrage a social media user wrote: "But cancels our wall!!!"





The summer home in Rehoboth Beach is Biden's only vacation spot, barring Camp David. Donald Trump, in contrast, preferred to vacation at his own resorts in Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster. In May 2019, The Huffington Post estimated that taxpayers spent $81 million to foot Trump's visits to his Mar-a-Lago resort to that date. In contrast, the Obama's didn't have a holiday home, they either visited Camp David or rented homes in Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard.