Did Joe Biden 'steal Christmas'? Trump's rant against EVERYONE goes viral

Trump released a new ad claiming Biden 'stole Christmas' because of supply chain crisis and inflation, but gets widely mocked in response

                            Did Joe Biden 'steal Christmas'? Trump's rant against EVERYONE goes viral
Donald Trump and Joe Biden participate in a presidential debate at Belmont University on October 22, 2020, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Former president Donald Trump released a new ad attack on incumbent Joe Biden on December 5. Dubbed 'Biden's nightmare before Christmas', the 32-second ad was created by Trump's PAC Save America and features Fox News anchors reporting on the supply chain crisis and inflation. The ad represents Trump's most direct attack of the Biden presidency to date, but like many of his other efforts, only appeared to garner memes and trolls rather than meaningful support.

Biden is currently battling multiple challenges at once, with the biggest crisis at the moment being the supply chain. Coupled with inflation, things aren't looking good for American shoppers. Recently, Dollar Tree decided to hike its prices by 25%, leading the internet to say "Joe Biden even ruined the dollar store." The president was also dubbed #EmptyShelvesJoe in mid-October by many conservatives, as the crisis worsened ahead of Thanksgiving. 


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The crisis isn't exactly new. Since the pandemic forced lockdowns across the world, global supply chains have been thrown into chaos. It's led farmers and meat manufactures to dump vegetables and milk, while Americans failed to get their hands on essentials like toilet paper and sanitizers early on. But despite most sectors now returning to work, the crisis continues, something Trump clearly seems eager to take advantage of.

'Joe Biden stole Christmas'

The attack on Biden isn't exactly new. For months, conservatives including Fox News have been blaming Biden for the crisis and even dubbed him the Grinch. It's the theme and substance of Trump's new ad, that opens with the line "Biden's Nightmare Before Christmas." It then features Anderson Cooper, Maria Bartiromo, and other journalists reporting on the crisis. Set to rather ominous music, it ends with the line, "Joe Biden stole Christmas."







The ad was created by Trump's Save America PAC. The PAC, created after the 2020 election is widely seen as Trump's war chest for a planned run again in 2024. So far, the money the PAC has raised has been used to launch attacks on all of Trump's enemies, like Liz Cheney. It's also been widely dubbed a scam, with Trump often raising funds through questionable methods and claims, while spending very little. 

The ad followed a sit-down with Fox News' Mark Levin, where Trump promoted his new coffee table book 'Our Journey Together', which chronicles Trump's presidency in photos. He continued to attack Biden in that interview, saying, "If you look, President Obama was very divisive, but people were more quiet about it. They didn't want to insult him, but he was very divisive. But the Biden administration is far worse."

'Is this a joke?'

Although brief, it does indicate the scale of the crisis Americans are facing, but it appears not everyone on social media was interested, or pleased with what they saw. A handful of pro-Trump accounts did tweet links to the video, with one user calling it "spot on". But most people who did react didn't exactly seem very happy with it. One user slammed, "Trump finally spent a couple bucks of that PAC money he’s been fleecing from the rubes in this snappy new ad called, ‘Joe Biden Stole Christmas,’ featuring a montage of Fox hosts reporting “news.” This is comical." Another simply responded, "DEE...MENTIA!!!!!" One user tweeted, "I can't wait for this pos to disappear."






"Is this a joke?" one user asked in response to the video, while another replied, "If this is what is called "breaking economy", I will take it anytime over what TFG delivered in his term." One person tweeted, "Didn’t you say Biden stole Christmas last year? I had a great Christmas last year and will have another great Christmas this year. Stop lying." Another trolled, "Really??? Looks to me like he’s restoring the broken economy you left!!"






A week before the ad, the president met with retailers and grocers to discuss the supply chain crisis. In the end, he concluded Americans could have "a little more hope", but not everyone seemed convinced. Due to inflation, the 2021 Thanksgiving meal was one of the most expensive on record, and Christmas could be heading the same way. 

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