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'F*** Joe Biden' pizza a big hit at Solorzano's Pizzerias in Florida amid supply chain woes

The Sarasota pizzeria owner furious at the soaring prices going of pepperoni, wings, and many other restaurant supplies began selling the 'FJB' pizza
UPDATED NOV 16, 2021
The store slammed Joe Biden for an increase in the prices. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Instagram)
The store slammed Joe Biden for an increase in the prices. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Instagram)

Leave it to a Florida pizzeria with its origins in New Jersey to turn a very sneaky middle finger to President Joe Biden and turn it into a hit that might help boost the company's end-of-year profits. Nearly two weeks ago, Solorzano's Pizzerias, an Italian eatery in Sarasota added the "FJB" pizza to its menu as a direct insult to the president.

The supply chain lag and escalating prices had Phil Solorzano, the witty and outspoken creator and owner of Solorzano's Pizzerias was at his wit's end last month. The new owner of Solorzanos Gulf Gate/ Siesta Key and Solorzanos Longboat Key Kenneth Palin thought of taking matters to social media. Solorzano designed a pizza that reads “FJB” spelled out in pepperoni. It stands for “F**k Joe Biden,” he clarifies. Palin's marketing on social media saw it gain virality in no time. It also helped for the company that Biden is not so popular right now and phrases like 'Lets Go Brandon' becoming a meme insulting the president. Since then, the phrase has become known among conservatives as a euphemism for insulting Biden. 


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The "Solorzano pizza" store owner, Philip Solorzano who is in the headlines for making the "FJB" Pizza! (Photo Credit: YouTube).

Solorzano puts the burden for increased pricing and item scarcity entirely on Biden's shoulders. "The amount of pepperoni in the pizza more than doubled. The majority of things have doubled in price", he tells Patch. "Kenny [Palin, general manager, and franchise owner] has been telling me for months that there are things that are out for two to three weeks that you can't find. It's simply inconvenient." Solorzano then contacted Palin and said, "Yo, Kenny, put 'FJB' — 'F*** Joe Biden' — on a pizza," according to the site, noting that it was a "jab" at the president. "Joe Biden, the f you can fill in yourselves", Palin said, adding that many people agree with his message.

"It costs more to make, but we sell it at the same price," Palin summed up the store's current condition. Palin told Patch that the "FJB" had "truly blown up." "It's taken on a life of its own."

Palin talks about how they are getting mixed responses on their "FJB" Pizza! (Photo Credit: YouTube).

With all of the attention, Solorzano's is releasing "FJB" T-shirts, which SNN reports sold out before the first supply arrived. Furthermore, the Patch said that "LGB" pizza will be added on Thursday - the notorious letters for "Let's Go Brandon." And the pizza shop's "FJB" pizza has gotten both positive and bad feedback. "Obviously, we're receiving both emotions," Solorzano told Patch. "On social media, people are aware of who we are and who I am. I don't show much mercy, and people are aware of my viewpoint. They agree with us, or if they don't, they laugh at us because they realize we're just playing around. That's how I'm wired."

"Business owners have also come out to us and said, 'Hey, listen, we wish we were in a position to be true to ourselves and say what we truly want to say,'" Palin told SNN. We can see the "FJB" pizza on the store's Instagram page with the caption, "In honor of the skyrocket prices going up on pepperoni, wings, and many other restaurant supplies! We encourage other pizzerias to post a #FJBPizza and show your support for the huge hit the restaurant industry is taking! #FJB #LetsGoBrandon". This shows people at the store are very vocal about it.