Biden mocked as first inaugural event gets just over 30K views on YouTube: 'And he got more votes than Obama?'

The video managed to gather just 32,261 views and people are now left with the question, 'how did he get more votes than Obama?'

                            Biden mocked as first inaugural event gets just over 30K views on YouTube: 'And he got more votes than Obama?'
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President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris jointly held the first inaugural event on the former's YouTube channel. The description of the video said, "Tune in as we celebrate America, reflect and honor our history, and highlight the incredible diversity of the nation." And people did log in to be a part of the event, however, it was not the kind of crowd that Biden or any other president would be expecting. Biden's YouTube channel has a total of 691K subscribers but if people on Twitter are to be believed there are just a couple of thousand people who tuned in to watch it live. At the moment (7 am ET and 4 am PST, Sunday), the video has managed to garner just 32,261 views. 

On the other hand, President Donald Trump is scheduled to move out of the office to make way for Biden's administration but his address at the "Trump Wall" in Alamo, Texas drew close to a million views on January 13. The video on The White House's official YouTube channel has 735,984 views. A Gateway Pundit report​ also stated that close to 804,000 people tuned in to watch Trump on Right Side Broadcasting Network live. People on Twitter, mostly supporters of the current president are having a field day on Twitter questioning Biden's credibility after his first inaugural event failed to draw in a large crowd. 




"Joe Biden held a virtual event today on YouTube. A little over 1,000 people watched it. And he got more votes than Obama?" questioned a user on Twitter. "@JoeBiden held a virtual event today on YouTube. Just over Only 1,000 people watched it..... ONLY 1,000 people! This from a man who got 81 MILLION VOTES, the MOST of ANY president in history... More Popular... 11 MILLION MORE votes than Obama! Joe Biden is ILLEGITIMATE!" wrote another. "You can’t make this sh*t up!! Joe Biden Held an Inaugural Celebration on YouTube today. Only 24K Tune in to His Channel. President Trump Holds a YouTube Speech at the Alamo and Got 804,000 Viewers WHILE HE SPOKE!! Let that sink in..." tweeted another user. "Yeah right, this guy got 81 million legal votes," quipped another. "How many people watched Joe Biden’s virtual event today on YouTube? You know, the guy that got the most votes in history? Asking for a friend..." read another sarcastic tweet. 










Just like his virtual celebrations, Biden won't have a crowd at his actual swearing-in ceremony that is scheduled to take place at US Capitol at 12 pm ET on Wednesday, January 20. The president-elect has urged citizens to watch him take the oath of office remotely as most of it will be available via live stream. A report states that inauguration coverage will begin at 9 am ET and will be broadcasted on every major network including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, PBS, Telemundo, Univision, and MSNBC. The official White House website, Biden Inaugural Committee's YouTube channel as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon Prime Video will broadcast the ceremony.

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