Will Biden revoke 2nd Amendment? Net slams 'gun-grabber' POTUS after he says it's not 'absolute'

Despite being repeatedly fact-checked as false, Biden claims Second Amendment limits types of weapons during NYC trip, sparking fury online

                            Will Biden revoke 2nd Amendment? Net slams 'gun-grabber' POTUS after he says it's not 'absolute'
US President Joe Biden speaks during an event on gun control in the Rose Garden at the White House on April 8, 2021, in Washington, DC (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden visited New York City on February 3, 2022, to speak to community leaders following the deadly shooting of two NYPD officers. Speaking at the NYPD Headquarters, Biden also attacked the Second Amendment, sparking fears that his administration would try and revoke it. Led by conservatives like Texas AG Ken Paxton, the backlash was swift and brutal.

The President's visit was on the back of the brutal killings of officers Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera, who were shot by Lashawn McNeil in Harlem in January 2022. Biden also hailed Sumit Sulan, the rookie cop who shot McNeil to end the siege before more people got hurt. The incident also appears to have put a pin in the 'Defund the Police' movement which Biden also addressed in his speech. 


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However, the President seemed particularly interested in targeting the Second Amendment, as he has done in the past. During an April 8, 2021 speech from the White House, the President noted that "no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute." He reiterated that statement on February 3, and once again ignited a massive firestorm of controversy.

Stickers sit on a table during a Second Amendment March outside of the Michigan state capital building on September 23, 2021, in Lansing, Michigan (Scott Olson/Getty Images)


What did Biden say?

Noting that McNeil had used a stolen Glock to shoot officers Mora and Rivera, Biden called for a shutdown of illegal gun sales, noting, "This doesn't violate anybody's Second Amendment Right? No violation of 2nd Amendment right." He then added, "There is no amendment that's absolute." He also went back to another popular talking point of his, saying, "When the amendment was passed, it didn't say anybody can own a gun and any kind of gun and any kind of weapon. You couldn't buy a cannon when the amendment was passed."

That statement has been fact-checked in the past and proven wrong. The Washington Post reported in June 2021 that "there were no federal laws about the type of gun you could own, and no states limited the kind of gun you could own" when the amendment was passed. One expert told The Austin-American Statesman, "The Second Amendment places no limits on individual ownership of cannon, or any other arms."

Yet, despite that, Biden repeated the claim again in New York City. He used the claim to ask "why should you be able certain assault weapons?", harking back to his April 8 tweet where he said, "There’s no reason somebody needs a weapon of war with 100 rounds in a magazine." Once again, the comments invited anger and fury as conservatives slammed Biden. 

'Biden can kiss my a**'

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted, "Joe Biden is saying the quiet part out loud. I stand ready to defend Texas against any infringement of our Second Amendment his failed administration will throw at us. #2A." One user slammed, "Biden said that the second amendment is not absolute but I will tell you what is absolute and that is the b------t that comes out of his mouth!" One Senate candidate tweeted, "Biden is the worst gun grabber in decades. Between this and the illegal ATF database, he’s declared war on the Second Amendment."





"Actually, @JoeBiden, the 2nd Amendment is absolute. It's part of the Constitution, whether you like it or not," one user tweeted. Another responded with "Have 4. Biden can kiss my a**." The Young Americans for Liberty account tweeted, "Biden has already been fact-checked on this blatant lie before. He's not just ignorant on the Second Amendment, he knows he's lying and he's doing it to justify unconstitutional encroachment on your rights."




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