Jody Pendleton: Man fires all vaccinated staffers from his pizzeria to 'prove a point'

Jody Pendleton said that he decided to get the employee count below 100 by letting go of vaccinated workers

                            Jody Pendleton: Man fires all vaccinated staffers from his pizzeria to 'prove a point'
Jody Pendleton says that he fired 46 of his employees because they were vaccinated (TikTok)

A TikToker attracted a lot of hate after he revealed on the platform that he has fired 46 vaccinated employees. TikToker @canceledconservative whose real name is Jody Pendleton was forced to delete his account after he said he is “a patriot” and “a person who loves the Constitution and this country”. 

As of Wednesday, October 6, his account no longer exists on TikTok. Even after the original video received a lot of criticism, he made some more videos trying to get people to understand the point he was making but it was of no avail. In his original video, he explained that there were 138 employees across four restaurants under him. Of those 138 people, 46 were vaccinated. Citing a federal mandate, he said that businesses with over 100 employees require the staff to be vaccinated or be subjected to weekly testing.  According to Pendleton, to skit the vaccine guidelines, he decided to get the employee count below 100 by letting go of vaccinated workers. “So what’d I do? I fired every motherf**king vaccinated employee we got,” he said in the video. Some of the other TikTokers who have recently made news include Katelyn Ballman, Kelley Mills, Gabriel Salazar and Logan Dorn.


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'The Left and their hypocrisies'

Although Pendleton deleted his original TikTok video, it was picked up by TikTok sleuth known as Danesh or @thatdaneshguy, who exposed Pendleton’s restaurant as Paparoni’s Pizzeria and Grill in South Carolina. He then explained that it’s not legal for Pendleton to fire his employees for being vaccinated.


In a follow-up video, Pendleton wore a beanie with former President Donald Trump’s name on it. He clarified that he was the district manager for the restaurant chain. He added that the point he was trying to prove with the made-up story was “proven in a very hard way”. “The Left and their hypocrisies just f**kin’ blow my mind,” Pendleton said. “So I wanted to show them how it would feel for them and their first-class citizens to be terminated for making a choice. Because that’s really what’s fucking happening to the unvaccinated people.”

Reiterating how much he loves America and the Constitution, he claimed people who aren’t vaccinated are getting unfairly fired from their jobs “for making a choice”. He stressed that he would never fire anyone for making “a personal choice” for their own body. “I would never fire anyone for making a personal choice, for making a political decision, even if that meant voting for that c**k sucker that’s in office,” he said. “I wouldn’t do it. That would make me just like them.”


People pelted his presently-deleted follow-up video with negative comments too. "Seems the word ‘Patriot’ has taken on a whole new meaning ...somehow it’ll never be the same," one of them said, while another commented, "Where are these restaurants? I don't want to accidentally go there." A third wrote, "Remember the name “Jody Pendleton” of Swansea, SC fired employee of Paparoni’s Grill. Everyone makes mistakes but this man takes the ‘pizza’ prize. No legitimate company wants this person representing their values. #NotSorry." The next remarked, "He sure did clean up his language and now he's very humble. I just love when people are served Humble Pie." A commented tweeted, "Why do I feel like this guy didn't actually get terminated? He's probably on a 'vacation' and will start back after this passes. The owner is his friend."






Jody Pendleton loses his job

In the TikTok video he posted before deleting his account, Pendleton claimed that he had been fired from his job for making the video. After his videos attracted a lot of attention from all over the internet, the company’s Facebook and Google pages received a slew of negative reviews.

Despite being fried from his job, Pendleton described the restaurant chain’s owner as a fellow patriot “with really good views" giving off the impression that he was friends with the owner. He also revealed that the two went together to the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol. After that, internet sleuths have dug up pictures of Pendleton from the Capitol riots.


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