BTS' Jungkook changes blonde hair to silver-gray, ARMY say they 'can't breathe' after VLive stream

The K-pop septet came on Vlive to celebrate their new release and answered some fan questions

                            BTS' Jungkook changes blonde hair to silver-gray, ARMY say they 'can't breathe' after VLive stream
BTS came live to celebrate the release of BTS 'BE' essential edition (BTS/Twitter)

Can BTS’ Jungkook stop stringing ARMY hearts like this? After sporting beautiful golden blonde hair, the Grammy-nominated BTS member has shifted to a cooler-toned platinum blonde gray hair look and BTS ARMY is having a hard time breathing after witnessing how spectacular it looks on the 24-year-old ‘Stay’ crooner.

Their latest album, BTS ‘BE’ essential edition, dropped on February 19, and to celebrate the album’s new edition release, the K-pop septet came on a VLive stream together. When the last version of BTS ‘BE’ Deluxe edition released, Yoongi aka Suga was in rest after his shoulder surgery, so BTS ARMY was overjoyed to find all seven of them together. BTS also played the balance game and talked to ARMY through the chat, answering the fan's question. The popular balance game question ‘5-year-old Jungkookie or five Jungkooks’, was also answered by the K-pop group.


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Jungkook’s new silver-gray hair

From the VLive stream, it appeared that BTS Jungkook has slightly changed the hair color as it looks more platinum blonde, a mellow cool-toned silver-gray streak with the black roots exposed. BTS ARMY can’t swoon enough over the new hair color of Jungkook.

A fan said, “is it illegal to be inlove with jungkook's hair ksjxiskkxlsd!”, while another said, “I DON'T THINK I CAN SURVIVE JUNGKOOK'S HAIR.” Another shared a clip of Jungkook’s new hair sharing “jungkook's hair looks so pretty!” Another wrote, “Jungkook's hair is great. Bangtan has promised that they will open more live streams on V Live from now on.” Another spoke of all sharing, “JUNGKOOK'S HAIR. I CAN NOT BREATHE.”






'5 year old Jungkookie or 5 Jungkooks'?

BTS ARMY has a new balance game question where they ask every member if they will choose five-year-old BTS Maknae Jungkook or five Jungkooks. Earlier Namjoon answered that he chooses five Jungkooks just to hear them all harmonize and BTS V aka Kim Taehyung chose five-year-old Jungkook. In the latest VlLve stream, Jimin gave his take sharing, if there are five Jungkooks, they will never get out of schedule, so he chooses five-year-old Jungkookie. Jin chimed while sharing if Jungkookie was that cute when he was 15, imagine how cute he must have been when he was five!



The latest version of the BTS 'BE' Essential edition has been released on February 19. Get the version here.

Stream 'BE' below:


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