'Attention-seeking narcissist': Jimmy Kimmel slammed for 'goofy a**' upstaging Quinta Brunson during her Emmy speech

'Attention-seeking narcissist': Jimmy Kimmel slammed for 'goofy a**' upstaging Quinta Brunson during her Emmy speech
Quinta Brunson accepts the Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series Award for 'Abbott Elementary' while Jimmy Kimmel lies on stage during the 74th Primetime Emmys (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: This year the award season has been full-blown chaotic, and dramatic, as the year started with Will Smith punching Chris Rock during the Oscars, and now we hope it is ending with Jimmy Kimmel pulling off the stunt of lying down on the stage while Quinta Brunson accepted her Emmy award. It is safe to say 2022 has been a tad bit controversial and celebrities have been acting a little "deranged" as perceived by the fans. 

Quinta Brunson who looked absolutely gorgeous in her copper gown packed an Emmy for 'Abbott Elementary' under the category of the best writing for a comedy series. The actress is also the creator of the popular ABC series. However, after this incident happened, all netizens made it a point to come up front with their viewpoints which were, unfortunately, neither funny nor in favor of the popular TV host and comedian, Kimmel. Take a look at how the fans reacted!


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Fans are infuriated with Kimmel's stunt, while some think it is "pure racism", others think he was doing this to "seek attention". Perhaps we will never know why Kimmel did what he did until he comes upfront and clears the air until then, fans are still outraged. A fan commented, "I must say this is the first time Jimmy Kimmel has actually pissed me off. So rude and inconsiderate to still be laying there like an absolute idiot. Can't let Quinta have her moment? Really? Guess he's just another c***y attention-seeking narcissist. #Emmys2022." A fan said, "Jimmy kimmel you’re so weird, you should've just got off the stage... quinta is winning her first emmy and you're making her moment about you and a tired ass bit nobody watching at home found funny."

A fan tweeted, "Anyway ignoring any tweets about jimmy kimmel from now on. making him the focal point of quinta's moment feeds into whatever stupidly out of touch bit he was attempting and i wont stand for it. congratulations miss quinta brunson. truly one of my biggest inspirations." A fan mentioned, "I could be wrong but I suspect Quinta Brunson showed grace to Jimmy Kimmel (that he didn't deserve) because Black women are held hostage by the media & viewers with the threat of appearing "angry" or "humourless". She deserved so much better #Emmys2022."  A fan shared, "Definitely not cool of Jimmy Kimmel to lay on stage during Quinta Brunson's moment. At some point, the joke simply isn't worth it. Get up & leave. She's worked too hard to have that moment disrupted by a non-funny joke. He owes her a public apology IMO. #Emmys2022."

"That Jimmy Kimmel shit pissed me off not bc its Quinta Brunson but I think about every screenwriter who work so hard for *THAT* moment and they gotta rewatch their first time winning an Emmy with a goofy ass white man lying on the floor during their entire speech," said a fan. "Jimmy kimmel is annoying, the only good thing to come from his career is “the man show does not age well,” one of my fav barry lines," a fan wrote. A fan ranted, "See...and this is why people getting slapped at awards shows. Should've stepped on his generic "The Worst Jimmy" a**. Always f*****g centering themselves. F**k you man. #Emmys2022 #QuintaBrunson #JimmyKimmel."









However, after the incident Quinta Bruson spoke to the press, she told Variety "I felt like the bit didn’t bother me that much…Tomorrow maybe I’ll be mad at him. I’m going to be on his show on Wednesday, so I might punch him in the face." 


In the history of Emmys, Brunson took her first Emmy home and she is the third BLACK person, and second BLACK woman, to win writing for a comedy series after Larry Wilmore for 'The Bernie Mac Show,' and Lena Waithe for 'Master of None'. 'Abbott Elementary' has two seasons now which you can stream on Hulu.

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