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Jimmy Kimmel slammed for 'hydroxymoron' jibe at Trump: 'Are they paying you to sell your soul?'

The host’s comment on hydroxychloroquine and the president’s take on it invited criticism from the White House as well as social media
UPDATED MAY 21, 2020
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

On Monday, May 18, President Donald Trump addressed the press announcing that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine(HCQ or hydroxy) as a preventive measure against coronavirus. And he mentioned that he had been taking that for a couple of weeks. The drug has not been approved by the FDA and has been cited as an anti-malarial drug which also has the potential to cause severe side-effects.

Needless to say, his revelation brought upon a flurry of reactions both approving his measure as well as expressing shock at why he was risking his life to take a drug that had no prior approval. Politicians, celebrities and even social media users have tweeted and made known their reaction to his announcement. On the Tuesday, May 19 edition, of his late-night show, host Jimmy Kimmel reacted to this announcement and called Trump a “hydroxymoron”. His jibe wasn't received well and the White House sent him a reply a  day later.

Opening the Tuesday night episode live from his home, Kimmel showed a clip of the press conference, and commented, “Our president is a hydroxymoron.” It’s hard to process, but are we surprised that the guy who thought windmills cause cancer thinks a lupus drug kills coronavirus?” he added.

He went on to question the president’s decision to take the drug. “Why would he do this?” he asked. “Why would he do this to prevent coronavirus and not wear a mask to prevent the virus?” And then, answering the above question, said, “He’s trying to kill himself.”

This stirred the press at the White House and within hours of the show’s airing, the Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called Kimmel in her briefings. She commented that the drug was to be taken only under prescription but it did not merit criticisms from the media personalities like Kimmel among many others. While Kimmel in his May 20 episode of the late-night show, warded off the reprimand and “welcomed” McEnany as a “new fan”, some people in the audience took to Twitter to also slam the talk show host for his comments on Trump. 

One user said, “#JimmyKimmelLiveFromHisHouse #JimmyKimmel  I used to think Jimmy Kimmel was funny. This guy needs to be held accountable for his socialism antics on Donald Trump. How much are they paying you to sell your soul to the system?” Another wrote: "@jimmykimmel just can’t resist bashing @realDonaldTrump voters and the President. #jimmywho #whyyourratingssuck". Another user who calls themselves Trump's Gal took into account other talk show hosts treatment of Trump as well saying: "Wonder if @StephenAtHome @jimmyfallon or @jimmykimmel know how completely out of touch with society they are? They’ve been living in that George Clooney Hollywood Elite world where they believe the polls & think @realDonaldTrump is dumber than Obama! Asinine."

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ now airs every weeknight at 11:35 am ET, right from his home. Check your local listings for more updates and information.