Who is Jim Jordan's wife Polly? A look at Ohio Rep's family life as he joins GOP Jan 6 panel

GOP Congressman trolled on social media for joining commission into January 6 insurrection, but his wife manages to avoid the ire of the internet

                            Who is Jim Jordan's wife Polly? A look at Ohio Rep's family life as he joins GOP Jan 6 panel
Ohio Rep Jim Jordan with wife Polly Jordan (Twitter)

Being a spouse of a prominent politician isn't an easy job. Just ask Sofia Boza-Holman, wife of GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Boza-Holman made the news in February for a letter slamming Kinzinger's vote to oppose the impeachment of Donald Trump. But for some, like Polly Jordan, wife of controversial Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, it's easier to escape the limelight. 

Many politicians' families have been brought into the spotlight thanks to the Trump presidency, where morality quickly became a grey area. On April 2, we reported on how Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) was publicly slammed by his siblings over the January 6 insurrection. In March, Rep. Tom Reed's sexual harassment scandal quickly dragged his wife Jean into the news. As news of his sexual harassment scandal spread, Andrew Cuomo's ex Kerry Kennedy also found herself prominently mentioned in numerous articles.


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Others though, have managed to avoid being in the press, and continue to lead normal lives despite the controversial politics of our times. Take, for example, Polly Jordan. Her husband is one of the most controversial lawmakers in Congress, vociferously defending Donald Trump through both his impeachments and now allegedly spreading misinformation about the insurrection. Despite being a key target for Democrats, Jordan's personal life has managed to avoid the same scrutiny as his politics. That's not an accident, it has been that way right from the very start of Jordan's political career.

On July 19, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy chose five Republicans to join the select committee investigating January 6 insurrection and Trump supporter Jim Jordan was one of them

Jim Jordan (L) and Polly Jordan (R) with Donald and Melania Trump in 2018. (Jim Jordan/Facebook)

Who is Polly Jordan?

There's little we know about Polly since the couple doesn't appear in public together as frequently as other political families. The Representative has also rarely spoken about his personal life, barring a few interviews. In a 2011 article, The Cleveland Plain Dealer first delved into Jim's personal life, with some inputs from the Congressman himself. Reportedly, the couple has been together since he was 13, and Polly was 14. 

Jim met Polly through her brothers, who he wrestled with back in school. "I decided it would be a lot more fun wrestling with Polly than her brothers," he told The Washington Examiner. Eventually, the couple got married in 1985 when he was studying at Ohio State. Since then, Polly has actively stayed out of Jim's politics and has also maintained a limited presence on social media. 

Jim and Polly Jordan during a visit to the Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola, in Bern, North Carolina in 2019. (Greg Murphy for Congress/Facebook)

Polly doesn't appear to have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, so there is very little we could find out about her. The Cleveland Dealer reported she is a public school art teacher, at the Graham Local School District in Saint Paris, Ohio. However, it appears as if she is now retired. The last known record of Polly was from a 2017-18 school document from the school district, which also happens to be Jim's hometown. 

The couple has four children together - Rachel, Ben, Jessie, and Isaac. It is unclear what Polly is doing now, as she doesn't make a frequent appearance on Jim Jordan's social media profiles. There are only a handful of pictures of Polly on social media, so it's hard to tell. By the looks of it, she has managed to avoid media scrutiny despite her husband's controversial actions and words as an elected representative. 

On July 19, it was reported Jim Jordan was chosen by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to be one of the Republicans on the Select Committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection. The news has angered social media users, who have slammed Jim for being an "enabler" of the insurrection. While the Ohio Congressman faces the ire of social media, Polly has managed to avoid being dragged into the controversy, just as she has all these years.