Jill Biden to spend $1.2M to renovate bathrooms in the East Wing of the White House, slammed as 'unbelievable'

Reportedly, the Bidens will also spend on carpet cleaning and deep cleansing the White House

                            Jill Biden to spend $1.2M to renovate bathrooms in the East Wing of the White House, slammed as 'unbelievable'
Dr Jill Biden (Getty Images)

With a few days left for President-elect Joe Biden and future First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden to move into the White House. Documents obtained by TMZ has shown that the future FLOTUS will be spending upwards of a million dollars on restroom renovations in the White House. The documents obtained by TMZ also detail other expenses such as a deep cleanse as well as carpet cleaning.

Documents obtained by TMZ show that the East Wing restroom renovations will be carried out by local, minority-owned Holmes Mechanical Contractors and will cost $1.2 million. The First Lady's offices are located in the East Wing. The exact details of the renovations have not been revealed, however, TMZ notes that the company that secured the gig specializes in "big-building bathroom stuff." The renovations are expected to be completed by mid-May, almost four months after the Bidens move in following Biden swearing-in as President.

Other expenses for White House renovations include $127,000 for a deep-cleaning before the Bidens moving into the White House, which Hello Magazine notes is "with the intention of a deep cleanse after President Trump contracted COVID-19 during his time there." The publication also reported that $44,000 will be spent on carpet cleaning within all 132 rooms and 55,000 square feet of space in the White House.

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump hand out candy to children as they trick-or-treat during a Halloween at the White House event at the South Portico of the White House October 28, 2019 in Washington, DC (Getty Images)

Many detractors took to social media to slam the Bidens amid backlash that current First Lady, Melania Trump is facing for her choice to renovate the White House's Rose Garden, a site of historical significance, with the work including digging up trees, replacing vibrant floral beds with white and pastel roses, and laying down paved walkways.

One user tweeted their opinion, writing, "Now Jill Biden has announced that “SHE” will spend 1.2 million dollars of taxpayer money to “renovate bathrooms “ in White House. Here we go with Obama spending all over again. Our taxes being spent and democrats laughing in our faces." Another wrote, "Unbelievable but there again we are talking about the loonie left; Future FLOTUS set to spend $1.2m on White House bathrooms."



President Donald Trump's time at the White House has not gone without renovations. Extensive renovations took place at the White House over the last four years, especially in the West Wing, including new bathrooms, the wood-paneled elevator being updated, upgrades to West Wing lobby, and structural work in the executive mansion.

When he first took office, Trump spent $1.75 million on furniture for the White House and its offices, according to Vanity Fair, slightly higher than the $1.5 million that Barack Obama spent. According to the publication, roughly $29,000 was spent on “upholstered household-furniture manufacturing,” and $10,000 for “floor coverings from a home-furnishing merchant wholesaler.” Vanity Fair also notes that NBC guessed that items mentioned for "home" could imply his private residence. Additional expenditure included $17,000 for custom rugs, $5,000 for wallpaper, the $7,000 that went to something known as “furniture pedestals," and $291,000 for "office walls."