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JiDion: YouTuber trolls Best Buy staffer with shirtless men in 'free the nipple' clip

JiDion shared the original 11-minute clip on his YouTube channel but it has since been made private
Social media influencer JiDion shared the original clip on his YouTube channel (YouTube)
Social media influencer JiDion shared the original clip on his YouTube channel (YouTube)

A viral video on TikTok showed a YouTuber bringing a group of men to a Best Buy store and taking off their shirts while yelling "free the nipple", targeting an employee who was trying to enforce the store's dress code.

Social media influencer JiDion shared the original 11-minute clip on his YouTube channel on September 28 but it has since been made private. A shortened and recut version was reposted by @laughingmyassoff255 on TikTok and to Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout page. MEAWW reported another "free the nipple" moment last month when actress Amelia Hamlin exposed her bosom in a racy outfit and later apologized to her parents. And in June, we reported how students in California staged a walkout to protest their school's 'sexist' dress code.


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The footage shows a shirtless JiDion being asked by a Best Buy employee to put something on while inside the store. According to the Daily Dot, the staffer creates some dance to gesture "on or off" that appears to offend the influencer. “No, you see how she asked; it was polite,” JiDion later says, referring to a different employee who directed him to put a shirt on. “Just looked like you’re trying to hit the Milli or Woah on me.”

The YouTuber decided to comply but asked the employee, identified only as Andrew, to turn around as he's putting his shirt on. “If you can look the other way, it’s kinda like sus. Unless you roll that way," he says. Andrew replies, “Yeah.”

“Homosexual?” JiDion asks. When Andrew confirms that he's gay, JiDion attempts to give him a fist bump but is refused. JiDion eventually puts his shirt on, which is emblazoned with the words “Professional Rawdogger.” JiDion, who seems to be upset about the encounter, reveals his future plan. “I wanna come in here with an army of people, just without shirts on," he tells the camera. 


The following day, the influencer follows through and brings at least two dozen young men to the store. He also pulls out a megaphone to initiate a social justice rally of sorts. “Andrew, yesterday you discriminated against me; you did not let me take off my shirt,” he shouts. “Boys, uncircumcize!” he says, before the men yell, hoot, and proceed to take their shirts off. JiDion then chants, “It’s simple, free the nipple,” and goes on to repeat the phrase while standing atop a row of boxed television sets

The video then shows Andrew, the aforementioned store employee, visibly incensed and being escorted away to the lounge. “Andrew, we are peaceful; you cannot run from this,” JiDion continues. “We will not be caged any longer.” The mayhem ensues for a little while longer, but the group eventually makes its way back outside. “We’ve all been getting ready for hot boy summer,” their ringleader says in the video. “We’ve been hitting out push-ups; we’ve been doing our pilates. But people like Andrew want us to hide our gains. We didn’t pay $69 for P90X to wearing a fucking shirt.”

“Today, we will be free!” JiDion declares. “Today, we will embrace! Today, we will free the nipple!”

The social media influencer subsequently made what appears to be a campaign-style video with music. He revealed in the clip that an “anonymous source” told him the Best Buy managers knew about the prank in advance and told Andrew. However, it's unclear whether his colleagues were actually in on the stunt.