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'Jewish Matchmaking': Are Harmonie and Ben still together after Netflix show?

Here is the latest scoop on Harmonie and Ben's relationship status following their stint on the Netflix show 'Jewish Matchmaking'
Harmonie and Ben on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)
Harmonie and Ben on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Get ready for a matchmaker's dream come true as Netflix's 'Jewish Matchmaking' brings the ultimate quest for love to the small screen. With her vast experience, Jewish dating expert Aleeza Ben Shalom is on a mission to help Harmonie Krieger find her soulmate. However, will she be able to pull it off and add another feather to her cap of 200 successful matches?

The show's latest season features Harmonie, an optimistic 44-year-old with a personality as bubbly as a glass of champagne. She knows her worth and isn't willing to settle for anything less. In fact, she's looking for someone who can keep up with her zest for life and help her navigate the ups and downs of adulthood. However, with her biological clock ticking, she is worried that her age might get in the way of finding true love. Will Shalom be able to work her magic and help Harmonie discover her happily ever after?


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Harmonie wants somebody to sleep with

Harmonie is not your typical single. From the moment she appears on our screens, it was evident that she was a woman who knew her worth and was not willing to settle for anything less. With her hopeful eyes, large smile and bubbly personality, Harmonie exudes an energy that belies her age. In her mid-40s, this New York-born, Los Angeles-based beauty is the epitome of sophistication, class and fitness. Her wild and fun lifestyle, coupled with her youthful spirit, makes her a sought-after partner for anyone seeking a fulfilling and exciting relationship.

However, there is more to Harmonie than just her youthful exuberance. She desires a family and understands that finding the right partner was crucial to fulfilling this dream. Her necessary requirements in a partner include a passion for life, a loving and kind heart, and a family-oriented mindset. Growing up as a single child in a non-traditional Jewish household, Harmonie now celebrates all High Holidays, not only because of their cultural significance but also because they bring her a sense of belonging. As an empathetic and spiritual being, she describes herself as having a "hippie vibe" rather than a religious one and seeks a partner whose core values align with hers.

One aspect of finding the right partner that Harmonie has been quite vocal about was the need for physical intimacy. She unabashedly admitted that she was looking for someone to sleep with, but clarifies that this was not all that she desires. Harmonie wants a partner who is not only sexually compatible with her, but also emotionally and intellectually stimulating. She wants someone who can keep up with her, and who she can have deep and meaningful conversations with. While she acknowledges that her age might be a barrier in some people's minds, she remains optimistic that the right partner was out there waiting for her. Harmonie was clear about what she wants in a partner, and her confidence in herself and her worth is admirable. She is a woman who has achieved success in her career and personal life and is now ready to embark on the next chapter of her journey. 

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Harmonie rejects two matches, moves on to Ben

The quest for love can be overwhelming, with the immense societal pressures. For Harmonie, who is in her 40s, the pressure to be married and have children by a certain age was immense. "You’re supposed to, as a Jewish female, be married and have children and all of the things by a certain age… You know, I’m so grounded in who I am, but I worry that is it too late?" she expressed on the show.

Despite her worries, Harmonie remained true to herself and refused to settle for anything. Throughout the series, viewers witnessed Harmonie's journey to find love and the ups and downs that came with it. She had promising dates with university professor Aron Temkin and Delray Vice Mayor Adam Frankel, but neither ignited the fiery, romantic spark she was looking for.

Harmonie was impressed with the emotional maturity in Aron and Adam, but she struggled to find a physical connection with either of them. She had become accustomed to dating younger men who were often emotionally unavailable, but these men were different. They were kind, communicative and attentive, but something was missing. Harmonie couldn't help but feel that there was no romantic spark between them. For her, finding love was more than just about emotional maturity or a shared sense of humor. She was looking for someone who could light a fire in her heart and make her feel alive. Despite the pressure from society to settle down, Harmonie knew she couldn't just settle for anything.

Then came Ben, a personal coach specifically handpicked for her by Shalom. Harmonie felt a strong physical attraction toward Ben. From the moment she laid her eyes on him, she was impressed by his appearance and demeanor. She couldn't help but feel a magnetic pull towards him, which was something she had been missing on her previous dates.

Harmonie was drawn to Ben's confidence and self-assurance, which made her feel comfortable around him. As they spent time together, she noticed that they shared similar interests and values, which further solidified their connection. She found him to be intellectually stimulating, and they had deep conversations about their dreams, aspirations and past experiences.

On their first date at Flower School, they both opened up in unprecedented ways, discussing things that are not easy. The easy moments, laughter and teasing only added to their chemistry, leaving them both cautiously yet joyously optimistic by the end. "I do feel like we have something," Harmonie gushed, adding, "I'm not sure where it's going, but it feels good to me right now."

Harmonie goes out with Adam on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)
Harmonie goes out with Adam on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)

Are Harmonie and Ben still together?

Harmonie was immediately struck by Ben's appearance when she first saw him. She couldn't help admiring his features, remarking in a confessional, "I like the features...Six feet tall. Love that." She was impressed by how closely he matched her ideal partner in terms of looks, which gave her hope that they could have a deep connection. However, Harmonie wasn't just interested in Ben's physical appearance. She was drawn to his personality and demeanor, which she found to be supportive and nurturing. She saw him as the kind of man who would be with her for life, a true partner who would support her through thick and thin.

As she spent more time with him, she realized that they shared many common interests and values, which further solidified their connection. Ben, for his part, was equally impressed with Harmonie. He found her to be bubbly, happy and fun-loving, with a positive energy that was infectious. He saw her as the kind of person who could have fun doing almost anything, which he felt was a key quality for a life partner.

Despite their initial attraction, though, it doesn't appear that they were able to make a lasting romantic connection. Neither of them has confirmed or denied their relationship status as of yet, but Harmonie's recent posts do suggest that she is currently single. Despite the outcome, Harmonie remains grateful for the matchmaking process and everything that she learned about herself and the world. Through the experience, she gained a deeper understanding of herself as a Jewish woman, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and podcaster. She also learned about the complexities of love and relationships, and how important it is to find someone who truly supports and understands you. Though her journey with Ben may have come to an end, Harmonie is excited for what the future holds and remains optimistic about finding the right partner in the future.

Harmonie goes out with Ben on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)
Harmonie goes out with Ben on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)