Jessica Simpson gets mom-shamed for allowing 7-year-old daughter Maxi Drew to get her hair dyed

Jessica Simpson gets mom-shamed for allowing 7-year-old daughter Maxi Drew to get her hair dyed

Jessica Simpson got slammed by fans and followers online after sharing a sweet picture of her eldest daughter,  Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 7, fresh from the salon.

Mom-shamers called out Simpson for allowing her daughter to dye her hair after the little girl was seen with a pink and purple balayage style in the picture.

The 36-year-old posted a photo of the 7-year-old with professionally dyed lilac ends on her Instagram. She had taken her daughter to the Nine Zero hair salon in Los Angeles on Wednesday and little Maxi was seen sitting in a shampoo chair while three stylists worked on her hair. She had long strips of tinfoil throughout the bottom part of her hair as it was being dyed. She was seen posing for her mother and smiling at the camera while showing off her newly colored tresses. 

Jessica Simpson's eldest child, Maxi Drew had her hair dyed purple (Instagram)


Jessica captioned the picture, "Inspired by the Descendants," referencing the main character from the film 'Mal'.

Many people didn't like Jessica's action as they commented saying that to allow a child to dye her hair was a terrible decision.

One fan wrote, "Why start ruining her hair so young." While another fan added, "Don’t like it at all !!! Much better before the color. The new color makes her look older than her age."

A third added, "So sad to see a child this young getting her hair dyed. She looked so much prettier with her natural golden locks."

However, not everyone was upset with the choice and some defended the singer.

One supporter shared, "Seriously people need to stop getting your undies in a bunch it’s just hair you can cut it and it grows back!! For real." While another added that it had turned out really well. 

Jessica also shares son Ace, 6 with her husband Eric and recently welcomed a daughter, Birdie, four months ago.

Meanwhile, in response to Jessica Simpson getting slammed for dyeing her child's hair, singer Pink decided to share a picture of her daughter Willow Sage getting her hair dyed.


The 39-year-old pop star took to Instagram to Thursday, August 1, to share a picture of herself completing her daughter's dye job.

She wrote, "I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven-year-old get her hair colored. So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday."

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 Jessica Simpson gets mom shamed for allowing her daughter Maxi Drew, 7, dye her hair