New 'Jessica Jones' season 3 featurette shows Rachel Taylor's Trish Walker evolve into a superhero

The minute-and-a-half clip sees Taylor explain her character's fractured relationship with Jessica Jones and how she evolves into a superhero in the final season

                            New 'Jessica Jones' season 3 featurette shows Rachel Taylor's Trish Walker evolve into a superhero

'Jessica Jones' star Rachel Taylor gave the world a glimpse of how her character, Trish Walker, has evolved over the course of the two seasons. In a new featurette released by Netflix Wednesday, Taylor spoke of how the third season will see her character comes to terms with the superpowers she received in the season 2.

The clip starts off with Taylor describing that 'Jessica Jones' may have a superhero backdrop, but at its heart, it is actually a relationship drama and that is her favorite part of the show. "Season 3 is about what is a hero and shows Trish and Jessica (Krysten Ritter) having very different opinions about it," she adds.

The featurette also demonstrates a few of her abilities - superstrength and reflexes - while Taylor explains all her character wanted to be was a superhero. There are also glimpses of new footage that shows Trish taking on baddies, much to Jones' chagrin.

You can watch the featurette below:


"We get to see Trish's evolution as a superhero and we get to watch this character train and learn to how to use these newfound powers. This season Trish gets all that she wanted and that sets off a chain of events that really creates a lot of drama between Trish and Jessica," Taylor says. The minute-and-a-half clip also shows the duo face off against each other before ending with the series title card.

In season 2, Taylor's Trish forces Dr. Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie) to revive his experimental genetic editing procedures that gave Jessica (and her mother) powers, and perform them on her, which results in her gaining superpowers as well. That, however, leads to conflict between her and Jessica as the former is shown to have reportedly killed Alisa (Janet McTeer), Jessica Jones' mother.

The third and final installment of 'Jessica Jones' sees her pitted against a powerful psychopath, and she must team up with Trish to take down the supervillain, while also coming to terms and try to repair her fractured relationship with Trish. You can read our spoiler-free review of season 3 right here.

'Jessica Jones' season 3 premieres on Netflix June 14.

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