Krysten Ritter shines in 'Jessica Jones' season 3 as the Netflix series returns to form after dismal second season

Much of season 3 goes back to the route it took in the opening season and focuses on power and how to use it as one of the main themes

                            Krysten Ritter shines in 'Jessica Jones' season 3 as the Netflix series returns to form after dismal second season

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Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' showed a new breed of a superhero when she was introduced. And while season 1 opened to positive reviews, the second was a bit of a damp squib. Lack of depth in the narrative and poorly written new characters caused ratings to plunge. The third season, however, is promising and shows signs of a return to form. 

Season 3 follows Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), a detective with superpowers as she goes about her regular routine of chasing down cold leads, fighting baddies, and still tussling with her cynicism.  Nothing much changes for Jones as she still maintains all the complexity, but what changes is the dynamism Ritter has bought into her role as Jessica Jones. 

The opening episode takes off from the events of season 2. For those of you, who gave up watching it midway, here's a refresher: Rachel Taylor (Trish) realizes she has some superpowers, but Jones is mad that she killed Jones' mom (Janet McTeer), who, as a matter of fact, wasn't really dead. A huge chunk of the third season is about Trish and Jones reuniting.

For the audience, it is a wish come true as it is pretty evident that the duo a force to reckon with; much akin to say, your T-Bone and Razor from 'Swat Kats'. Pity that there are ample reasons why they can't be partners. The second episode, 'You're Welcome', which was directed by Ritter focuses more on Trish. Her abilities and character are that of Hellcat, as shown in comics. Trish's transformation as a full-time crime fighter, courtesy her newfound powers, is also one of the season's highlights. 

Carrie Ann Moss reprises her role as the ruthless lawyer Jeri Hogarth. (IMDb)

The best part about season 3 is that there is a villain and we won't tell you who that is. Enough suspense is built around the introduction and it is worth the wait. It also sees the return of characters who added some meat to seasons 1 and 2. Carrie Ann Moss ('The Matrix Trilogy') is back as lawyer Jeri Hogarth and is still coming to terms with her ALS, a disease that will eventually kill her; Eka Darville, who played Jones' assistant, Malcolm, is working for Hogarth, but is in the middle of doing things he's not used to. There are a few new additions as well. 

Much of season 3 goes back to the route it took in the opening season. Jones was shown as a detective, but seldom put her powers to use and the story was paced briskly. That said, the plot line in this season too is tightly woven and there is action just around the corner almost all the time. The other theme that season 3 sheds light on is power, how to use it and Jones, Trish and a newly-introduced character will have to answer that question. 

It is a pity we won't see more of Jessica Jones after this season, but Netflix's move of canceling the show after the third season probably gave the world, Jones' best challenge yet. Ritter shines as Jones and the gritty, action-adventure is definitely worth the watch. 

Season 3 of 'Jessica Jones' arrive on Netflix on June 14. 

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