Jessica Cunningham announces birth of fourth child, calls the newborn 'rainbow after the storm'

Jessica Cunningham announces the arrival of her fourth child on Instagram with an emotional caption referencing her miscarriage

                            Jessica Cunningham announces birth of fourth child, calls the newborn 'rainbow after the storm'
Jessica Cunningham (Getty Images)

The year 2017 was an incredibly challenging year for reality TV star Jessica Cunningham. Her former partner and father of her first three children, Alistair Eccles, committed suicide in August last year. Just two months later, she miscarried and has been wearing a rainbow ring as a tribute to her lost child since then. As the saying goes, after the storm comes the sunshine. And Jessica’s sunshine is here and it's bright as ever.

Jessica just gave birth to her fourth child with her new boyfriend Alex Daw. She announced the wonderful news via Instagram, though she refrained from revealing the gender of the child. She simply referred to her newborn as they. The post contained an adorable picture of her newborn’s hand curling around her middle finger, and her rainbow ring can be seen in the photo.

Her caption was divided into five parts and addressed various things. In the first part, she made a joke and officially announced the birth of the baby. She wrote, “I've not been on here for a good few days, and I've had a good few messages asking if I have had the baby and the answer is... NO. #justjokes.”

In the next segment of the caption, she expressed her joy. She continued: “We have in fact welcomed our beautiful little rainbow baby into the world and it’s as if they were always meant to be here.” She then made a metaphorical reference to her past misfortunes, writing, “Before every rainbow, there is always a storm and our storm over the past year has left us with THE most beautiful little view.”

In the fourth part of the caption, she admits that she will probably be AWOL for a while, considering looking after a newborn is quite a tasking job. She wrote, “We are all doing well, but for now, I probably won’t be on here for a few days as I am going to take a little bit of time to just enjoy my wonderful little family and also social media is a job in itself, and I am already quite sleep deprived, so any spare minutes are spent snoozing.”

In the final segment, Jessica asked her fans to wish her luck, for she is now a mother of four, writing, "Wish me luck on being a mama of four," followed by a heart emoji, a baby head emoji, and three little girl emojis.

Jessica's fans made sure to congratulate her and wish her luck just as she asked in the comments section. One fan commented, "Congratulations, enjoy and take your time to adjust. I'm a mum of eight, my last is now one and I still have to shut away for a few days. I admire you and would love to do what u do xx." Another wrote, "Congratulations on your new little bundle. Enjoy getting to know your little one xx."

It sure seems like Jessica is in a happy place. She has welcomed her fourth child and she seems to truly be in love with Alex. On his birthday, she posted a heart-warming Instagram. It was a picture of the couple with Jessica’s three girls. Her girls were wearing adorable frocks, while Alex kept it casual with a pair of short and plain blue t-shirt.

Jessica was seen wearing a purple top with a jean jacket; she let her hair down, showing off her natural curls. She captioned the picture, “Happy birthday to this absolute gent. Never in a million years did I expect to meet someone who wants to work hard not just for me, but for the three queens. I love you.” Of course, the caption was punctuated with several red hearts.

Jessica's fans gushed all over this post. One fan commented, "How beautiful xx gives me hope there are decent men out there who will take on a woman with a family already." Another wrote, "Happy birthday to Alex!! You guys are too cute."

While she is in an extremely happy place, Jessica also takes the time to address her hurt from past experiences and come to terms with her pain in a healthy way through her blog. While referring to her miscarriage, she wrote, “Sometimes things just happen that are beyond our control and things that we cannot change.

The only control we have is how we choose to act and react to whatever life throws at us. When I realized this, all of a sudden I felt different. I felt for the first time in months that I had a clear mind. I let myself feel sad, but not for long, because there were so many more reasons to smile. I smiled for my children, my relationship, our health, the roof over our heads, my family, friends and just being here.”

She added: "S**t things happen in life, tragedy, death, and things we will never know the answers to. But time is a healer and time needs its time." Her words are truly inspirational.