'Love is Blind' star Jessica Batten posts another cozy pic with boyfriend, fans ask 'Mark, is that you?'

She pulled a runaway bride act and left Mark stranded at the aisle and has been heavily trolled since then

                            'Love is Blind' star Jessica Batten posts another cozy pic with boyfriend, fans ask 'Mark, is that you?'
Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas (Netflix)

The ghosts of Jessica Batten's 'Love is Blind' past still continue to haunt her. Six months ago, the show premiered on Netflix and like many of her castmates, Batten too attained a lot of exposure but of the bad kind. Her antics on the show, including her runaway bride act, didn't sit well with the audience and she continues to be judged to date. On the show, she was engaged to a 20-something Mark Cuevas who was head over heels in love with her. However, she chose to not walk down the aisle with him, leaving viewers seething.

Cuevas has moved on in life and is happy with his love life and on July 4, Batten too updated her followers about her relationship status, posting two photos on Instagram. She captioned the photo: "Freedom isn't free. I'm thankful to be able to follow my heart and choose my own happiness. I hope you all do the same!!! For those who have asked, this is why I would do it all over again. Can't wait to share some of our adventures..."

On July 31, Batten posted another photo with the caption, "These sunsets hit different with him," and the Internet once again took this opportunity to throw shade at her. The identity of the man in question, however, could not be known, since Batten didn't tag him. A number of comments under the photo were of followers questioning Batten if her new man too, is in his 20s. "Is he over the age of 25? Just a question," read a comment. Another comment read, "How old is he? Hope he is not 22!!" Another follower asked, "Is he older than 24 ????" while another wrote, "Is he 24?" A number of people also noted that her boyfriend does resemble Cuevas. "Mark's older brother," wrote a follower jokingly. While another wrote, "He looks like Mark," while another questioned, "Mark is that u." 

Batten's decisions on the Netflix show is the reason she continues to be at the receiving end of a lot of hate from the Internet, to date. In her time on the show, she accepted Cuevas' marriage proposal without seeing him in person, as was the format of the show. There was a major shift in her energy after she came face to face with him and realized that he was not exactly the kind of person she usually goes for. She also got close to Matt Barnett but he decided to propose Amber Pike and Batten tried to plant doubts in his head about his decision a number of times on the show, while she was engaged to Cuevas and him to Pike.

Cuevas was left stranded at the aisle by Batten and even though he didn't say much back then, it appears that he did shade her subtly on his Instagram page. The show is nominated in two Emmy categories and basking in the nomination glory, he shared a photo of the cast that was present at the reunion and tagged everyone but Batten.

If you're still not caught up on their drama, you can do so by bingeing on the show on Netflix.

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