Is Rev Jesse Jackson OK? Civil rights leader, 80, hospitalized after falling

Is Rev Jesse Jackson OK? Civil rights leader, 80, hospitalized after falling
Rev Jesse Jackson fell down and injured himself at Howard University (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Veteran Civil Rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson was rushed to the hospital on Monday, November 1, after he met with an unfortunate accident while attending a student protest at Howard University. Jackson, who founded the Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC) was helping the university students protesting their on-campus living conditions. He reportedly fell down and hit his head while entering a campus building, according to his spokesperson Frank Watkins. 

Rev. Jackson was soon escorted to the Howard University Hospital where he has been admitted for treatment. Jackson's daughter Santita Jackson assured worried followers over a tweet saying, "Family, he’s resting comfortably and doing well: we thank u 4 ur prayers! Fighting 4 u is what he'll always do. His goal is 2 ensure the well-being of@HowardU students: #MissionAccomplished." The 80-year-old leader has been kept at the hospital overnight for observation while his CT Scan results were found to be normal. 


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At the time of the accident, Jackson was attending a meeting with Wayne A.I. Frederick, the President of Howard University, in presence of the protesting students. They were reportedly voicing their concerns about the poor living situation on campus. He fell down while trying to enter a building on the campus. 

The accident, however, has fuelled rumors about whether Rev. Jesse Jackson misstepped and fell, or he was the victim of a larger conspiracy in place. Skeptical supporters are suspecting that there might be some foul play involved and he might have been pushed by someone in the crowd. 

"Who pushed Jesse Jackson at that protest?," a Twitter user asked, sparking rumors around his accident. 

However, one follower pointed out that Rev Jackson suffers from Parkinson's Disease, making him vulnerable on his own in crowded places. The follower also urged everyone not to exploit Rev. Jackson anymore, as he had "DONE ENOUGH' for all.



This marks the third time Rev. Jackson has been hospitalized in 2021. Earlier this year, he underwent gallbladder surgery. He was also diagnosed with COVID-19 in August and needed several weeks of physical therapy to recover. His Parkinson's symptoms worsened with the COVID infection and affected his ability to talk or walk properly. Despite his physical struggles, Rev Jackson resumed his regular public attendances soon after overcoming COVID-19. 

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