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Jermaine Bell: Shocking video shows how Florida man chugged BLEACH and collapsed in court before verdict

Eyewitnesses were astonished at how Jermaine Bell managed to sneak in a cup full of bleach into the courtroom
UPDATED NOV 23, 2022
Jermaine Bell managed to get hold of a cup full of bleach and chugged it in court on Tuesday, November 22 (YouTube/WPLG Local 10, Miami-Dade County Corrections)
Jermaine Bell managed to get hold of a cup full of bleach and chugged it in court on Tuesday, November 22 (YouTube/WPLG Local 10, Miami-Dade County Corrections)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: A disturbing video footage has emerged showing a man drinking an entire cup of bleach and collapsing in court as he waited to hear the verdict for the armed robbery charges against him. The 38-year-old, Jermaine Bell, managed to get hold of a cup full of bleach and chugged it as he was found guilty of armed robbery on Tuesday, November 22.

The defendant was seen collapsing almost immediately before he was rushed out of the courtroom on a stretcher. Bell has reportedly been in prison for three years after he posed as a courier and pulled a gun on employees at the Millennium Engine Plating factory at 600 W 84 Street in Miami on December 2, 2018. Those who witnessed the courtroom incident on Tuesday were astonished about how Bell was able to obtain the poison. Currently, his family members are demanding accountability.


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"I see him drinking something that's not right," Reverend Jerome Starling, a relative of Bell, told WPLG Local 10 News. "His attorneys are letting him drink it. Corrections letting him drink it. All of a sudden I see him collapse. And I said how could this happen. This should not be happening to people who are in custody at all," Starling added. Bell was seen in the video dressed in a suit before he drank from what appeared to be a white disposable cup. An officer approached the Miami-Dade inmate and ordered him to spit up the liquid into a trash can. However, a defiant Bell continued to drink from the cup until he eventually sat down and collapsed. 


While it's still unclear what happened right after he collapsed, Bell was taken away on a stretcher by paramedics while wearing an orange jumpsuit a little later. Bell's cousin, who filmed the video of him ingesting the bleach, told the news publication that she instantly tried to help him. "I was the only one, like, that jumped up and tried to get him help," she said. "[It's] very emotional for the whole family. We thought we were going to lose Jermaine that day," she added. It later emerged that Bell was in stable condition at the hospital, but it is still not known how he managed to get his hands on the bleach in the courtroom. His family members are demanding answers as to why nobody intervened while he was drinking the product. That said, the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Miami-Dade police are jointly investigating how Bell got hold of the poison and who gave him the cup.


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