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'Jeopardy! Greatest Of All Time': When will Game 4 air? The next episode will not air this week

Ken Jennings just needs one more victory to win the tournament, but it could be anyone's game at the moment.
Alex Trebek, James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter (ABC)
Alex Trebek, James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter (ABC)

With Ken Jennings winning two nights of the 'Jeopardy! Greatest Of All Time' tournament so far, he only needs one more victory to be crowned the ultimate champion.

In Game 1, Ken Jennings' score from the two matches helped him beat James Holzhauer by 200 points. However, Holzhauer played a strong game on the second day to take the victory with a massive lead.

On Day 3, which aired on January 9, Thursday, Ken Jennings borrowed Holzhauer's style of betting big, which helped him score a massive lead over Holzhauer and Brad Rutter, helping him secure his second victory, and therefore one short of being called the greatest 'Jeopardy!' contestant of all time.

Brad Rutter, who is the most successful 'Jeopardy!' contestant with respect to tournaments and holds the record for the most amount in winnings, was a strong favorite to win while entering the tournament.

Unfortunately, Rutter has not been having much luck in this tournament. He lost the first two nights after losing whatever lead he may have had through multiple wrong answers for the Daily Doubles. On the second day, Rutter was unable to participate in the Final Jeopardy round of the second match after having finished the first two rounds in the red.

Rutter's performance on Day 3 was better, however, he still ended up coming in the last place, with James Holzhauer finishing second.

With two wins, Jennings leads the roster, followed by Holzhauer with one win. Right now, the outcome of the tournament is still very much up in the air — Rutter might make a miraculous recovery to win three straight games; Holzhauer could win the two games he needs. 

At the moment, however, Jennings is the favorite to win the tournament. Jennings' style of playing, where, as mentioned, he seems to have learned quite a bit from Holzhauer, and his confidence could mean that he stands to gain his first 'Jeopardy!' tournament ever.

However, fans are confused about when the next episode might air. Match 4 will not air on Friday, January 10, as most fans might expect, but on Tuesday, January 14. Depending on the outcome of the day, the tournament could go on for three more days at the most — January 15, 16 and 17.

The next episode of 'Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time' will air on Tuesday, January 14, on ABC at 8/7c.