Actress Jennifer Metcalf says she "doesn't care" if people feel she has gone "too far" with her weight loss

Jennifer Metcalfe gave birth to her now one year old son Daye back in June, last year, and since then she took took considerable amount of time to lose all that baby-weight.

                            Actress Jennifer Metcalf says she "doesn't care" if people feel she has gone "too far" with her weight loss
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Jennifer Metcalfe's enviable curves are to die for, there's no denying that. But what's even more shocking is the transformation she went through after welcoming her first child with partner Greg Lake in June last year. Within six months, Metcalfe dropped three dress sizes and as proud as she might be about achieving this new look, certain fans can't help but observe that she is so 'skinny' now, that maybe she has gone too far.

Yet Metcalfe — in her signature badass style — has declared that no matter what her fans, followers or social media critics might have to say about her body, she just doesn't care. She herself had recently revealed that she has dropped from a size 10 to a size six, but along with that was the blunt admission of not paying any concern to the public's opinion of her new, dramatically thinner frame. 

"I am probably the smallest I have ever been, but I don’t care what anyone else thinks and whether they feel I’ve gone too far with my weight loss or that I look unusually skinny," explained Jennifer, as Celebs Now reported. "I vary from a size zero to a size 10, which I haven’t been for years. I wouldn’t say I am a standard size but I never have been. I don’t know what I weigh right now."

But Jen's fans and followers are pretty adamant about expressing their concern with just as much intensity as she is defiant of the same. Pictured on a beach in Majorca, Spain, recently, Metcalfe did look drastically from her usual appearance. Her frame much smaller, with ribcage out for display, contributed to fans expressing their blatant concerns about the 35-year-old actress.

"She might like being skinny and not care what people think, but she looks much older than her age now and she doesn’t look healthy," one person wrote. "You can see her ribs, she has lost too much weight!" said another, and a third chimed in noting, "She’s gone too far with the weight loss."

But this isn't the first time that Jen's appearance has created a widespread stir among people as the same had happened at the British ]Soap Awards last month. But shutting all those critics up, she addressed the claims saying that she's totally in love with her new body and even credited her one-year-old son Daye as the reason behind keeping her body 'trim.'

"I don’t have time to keep getting on the scales because I’m too busy carrying a 2ft man around. He hangs off me and that’s what keeps me trim,’ she confessed. but being a working mother isn't the only secret behind her stunning body, as she also came clean about the high-intensity fitness classes and baby yoga along with her little man that have been helping her stay in shape.

Her meal-replacement plan with the weight-loss brand LighterLife Fast, allows her to fast for two days while consuming products only from their range, and for the rest of the days, she just eats in moderation. Enjoying the special shakes by the brand for two days and eating controlled the rest of the week has been able to help her shed off all the baby weight she had put on before she gave birth to her boy last June.

Jennifer, who has been dating the former 'Geordie Shore' star Greg Lake for five years now, has also addressed her need to lose all that baby weight with reasonable explanations. She said, "When I saw my stomach for the first time since I had Daye I cried. I looked at my belly and there was no baby in it. I said to Greg, I don't want to touch it. It was his little home.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online back in January, Jennifer had said, "I'm proud of my body and what I've achieved. I don't weigh myself, but I'm back in the clothes I used to wear before I was pregnant. I went from a size 10 to around a size 6. It took me about six months, so I did it in my own time."

It is also commendable how Jennifer didn't decide to bounce back right into shape post the birth of her baby and instead took her own sweet time doing it. Jennifer addressed the issue, saying, "If women want to snap back they should crack on. If you want to do it in a week, or a year, each to your own. I'm not bothered by trolls, and I do what works for me."

Back then, Metcalfe was about to return to the popular TV show, 'Hollyoaks' something that had helped her feel not too pressured to drop the weight. Jennifer explained further, saying, "After you've had a baby, you realize that a miracle that has just grown inside you, and how amazing your body actually is. I'm happy with the way I look and it's taken a baby to do that."

Speaking of her return to the show as the dynamic Mercedes Queen, she told Radio Times, “It’s amazing and feels really good to be back. There have been some massive adjustments in my life, with moving homes, Daye stating nursery and me having to use my brain again on little sleep! But it’s been great. I’ve been back a month and we are slowly finding our feet.”