Jennifer Lopez stuns in superhot crystal bikini as she frolics at beach in 'Cambia El Paso' MV

Jennifer Lopez, 51, grooved to the beat of the tune, singing about wanting to dance after dumping a boyfriend

                            Jennifer Lopez stuns in superhot crystal bikini as she frolics at beach in 'Cambia El Paso' MV
Jennifer Lopez looked a stunner in the video in her racy bikini and shorts (YouTube)

Pop sensation Jennifer Lopez sent jaws dropping as she released the music video for her new single 'Cambia El Paso' on Thursday evening, July 8.

The pop star, 51, grooved to the beat of her own music, singing about wanting to dance after dumping a boyfriend. The 'On the floor' hitmaker has been in the spotlight of late as she left Alex Rodriguez to get back with ex Ben Affleck. On her new single, JLo appears to celebrate her decision to move on from an apparently toxic relationship.


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Lopez flaunted her toned physique in the music video, which shows her leaving a Miami nightclub to drink alcohol alone on a beach. She then proceeds to strip off her shirt and shorts to roll around in the sand and performs splits in her crystal-laden Dolce & Gabbana bikini and Daisy Duke shorts.


It's worth noting that 'Jenny From The Block' looks like she's still in her twenties, despite actually being in her fifties. In this music video, Lopez pulls off enviable dance moves that would surely remind her fans how she used to be a 'Fly Girl' on 'In Living Color'. With sculpted abs, arms, legs, and an overall toned figure, the performer appears to be in the best shape of her life as she rolls around in the sand.

The video begins with the beauty storming off a nightclub following an argument with her boyfriend. Gazing at him from a distance, her eyes suggest she's ready to move on. She subsequently embraces her newfound freedom, heading to the beach and unwinding in her bikini, drinking straight out of the bottle in the crack of dawn.

As Lopez becomes comfortable in the sand, she shows off her limber body as she stretches one leg out far, performing a near full split. As noted by the Daily Mail, the entire video "appears to be a tribute to her incredible body." Letting her hair down, Lopez sings that all she wants to do is dance and break free.


The song was recorded following her split with Rodriguez, Lopez revealed, seeming to mirror her new outlook on life as the protagonist seeks freedom from an unhealthy relationship.

"It’s full of symbolism about a dark one-sided relationship and the realization that you can’t change anyone else... you can only change yourself!" Lopez wrote on Instagram this week. "Grow your own wings and walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t truly value all you have to offer."

She divulged more details about the new single during a conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1: "It is about change and it is about taking a step. And it's like, at once I just advance, just take one step. It doesn't matter. Right. Left. Whatever. Take a step. When things don't feel right. When you need to change, Cambia El Paso, that's it," the 'Second Act' actress, openly suggesting that she's rather pleased with her new love life after splitting with Rodriguez.