Jennifer Lopez has a doppelganger and some believe she's hotter than the star

Jennifer Lopez has a doppelganger and some believe she's hotter than the star
Jennifer Lopez (Getty Images)

The world of social media never seems to disappoint. Eagle-eyed social media users have now found a Jennifer Lopez lookalike on Instagram, and a lot of them are claiming she's sexier than the A-lister herself.

The 28-year-old from Texas, who calls herself 'Jay from Houston', has become an internet sensation after a lot of followers started comparing her to 'Waiting for Tonight' star Jennifer Lopez. A lot of these fans seem to think that the doppelganger could give JLo a run for her money.

The fitness guru, whose real name is Janice Garay, instantly became the source of national news after a lot of memes and image comparisons of hers and Lopez went viral on the Internet. 

"So what you guys are telling me is that everybody has a twin and @jlo happens to be mine??? I’ll take it," she captioned one photo tagging Lopez’s account. “Do you have a celebrity twin? If so, who is it?!”

The bodybuilder boasts of over 147,000 Instagram followers and she regularly posts pictures on her account of her extremely toned physique along with some inspirational messages. She is also an avid participant at fitness competitions and handles the responsibility of being a spokesperson for a number of supplement brands.

In a recent interview with a local news station, she said: “‘No, I’m not J-Lo, I’m Jay from Houston,” while admitting that she never noticed a resemblance between herself and the 'I'm Into You' singer. “It never really crossed my mind….[but now] the whole world says I look like J-Lo,” People Magazine reported.

She also confessed that, lookalike or not, she is a huge fan of the 'Shades of Blue' star and desperately hopes to meet her someday. Garay says she’s “flattered because [Lopez] is my idol, someone I’ve looked up to since I was a little girl.”

As for following in JLo's footsteps, Jay from Houston still has a long way to go. However, she's not complaining since her first love will always be bodybuilding. Speaking about how she got into the activity three years ago, she said, “I saw instant results and got addicted,” adding that “I feel it’s where I’m supposed to be.”

However, the response that the social media star is getting is amazing, with followers and fans from all over appreciating her beauty and calling her out for being a JLo lookalike.

“I swear I thought it was JLo when I saw your pic,” one person wrote in the comments. “I literally thought that was just two pics of J.Lo,” another said.

One fan even asked her to marry him, saying “I’m in love with you! Marry me.” Another said, “If they make a J.Lo movie, we all know who is gonna play her.” A third added, “You look like if Jennifer Lopez had a prettier sister.”

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