Jennifer Aniston posts 'Our first pandemic' Christmas ornament photo, Internet wants to cancel 'Friends' star

Her cheery Instagram post was slammed by many on social media, with some calling her out for being 'insensitive' and 'ditzy'

                            Jennifer Aniston posts 'Our first pandemic' Christmas ornament photo, Internet wants to cancel 'Friends' star
Jennifer Aniston (Getty Images)

It wasn't a quite-so-merry Christmas for Jennifer Aniston. Her cheery Instagram post, where she shared a Christmas ornament engraved with the message 'Our First Pandemic 2020' led to mixed reactions on social media, with most slamming her for being 'insensitive' and 'ditzy'. She didn't caption the story or specify whether the decoration was hers or not, but followers assumed it was hers and began to slam her for it.

Several called her out for sharing a message that appears to ignore the innumerable losses and difficult challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Others connected Aniston's Instagram story with other celebrities, who made similar posts. However, many fans rose to her defence and said that someone could have gifted it to her and she doesn't deserve to be cancelled. 

"All celebrities have done during this pandemic is show how out of touch and just f---ing oblivious they are to anything that doesn't have to do with them. Some people's entire family have died, but at least Aniston is showing how quirky she can be," one user wrote in response to a @PopCrave tweet of Aniston's Instagram story. Others said that they had had enough of 'rich people' and wondered why Aniston was talking about the pandemic as if it was a baby shower. "People are calling out Jennifer Aniston over a Christmas ornament that commemorates 'our first pandemic'… The pandemic is nothing to celebrate. She should have never done the ornament in the first place," one wrote. 









Other social-media users defended Aniston and her post, pointing out that she's previously shared Instagram posts expressing empathy toward victims of COVID-19 and urged people to wear face masks and follow public health guidelines.


Twitter users defending Aniston guessed that the decoration was meant to be a joke, or suggested the star didn't have bad intentions. Some people pointed out that Aniston is not the only one who seems to have a decoration with a similar sentiment. "Y’all can go on and try to cancel jennifer aniston for a damn ornament if you want to because you know what? she doesn’t give a f&ck about your negative energy. all she cares about is spreading awareness and lovduring this hard time, and this christmas card is the proof," one tweeted. "Really kids. We’re calling out Jennifer Aniston for a Christmas ornament. My guess is, the majority of people (if not all) who are calling her out have NOT lost anyone to COVID. They’re simply bored. @YahooNews," another wrote. 




Another explained, "Oh Jennifer Aniston is cancelled cause someone gifted her a sarcastic pandemic themed Christmas decoration for her tree.."  "Just saw that Jennifer Aniston is getting canceled over a “our first pandemic” ornament? My mom’s coworker gave her one for Christmas everyone here needs to calm down lol," one wrote. 




"Jennifer Aniston isn't even the first person I've seen with an ornament like that this year... one of my friend's made one that said 'baby's first pandemic,'" one Twitter user wrote. 

Well, the debate on this continues and Aniston, obviously, has not made any comment regarding the furore. 

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