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Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis roasted for saying no one worships ex-POTUS: 'They literally made a golden idol'

Ellis got trolled on social media over a debate on Christianity and conservatism with MSNBC host Joy Reid, as many users pointed to Trump's statue at CPAC
Jenna Ellis was trolled as Twitter pointed out how people 'worshipped' Trump with a golden statue of him at CPAC (Getty Images)
Jenna Ellis was trolled as Twitter pointed out how people 'worshipped' Trump with a golden statue of him at CPAC (Getty Images)

Former president Donald Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis is being brutally trolled on social media after her latest defense of conservatives. Responding to a tweet from MSNBC host Joy Reid, Ellis tweeted, "literally no one worships Trump." Unfortunately for her, social media has a good memory and many pointed to the golden Trump statue unveiled at CPAC 2021.

The battle between Ellis and Reid erupted as Ellis continues to tweet about Christianity in the aftermath of Senator Raphael Warnock's now-deleted tweet. It is unclear what exactly the context of Reid's tweet is, but it appears to be one of the several tweets she sent, targeting Ellis. 


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Trump CPAC statue likened to Moses' 'golden calf' in Bible, Internet says 'thou shalt not worship false idols'

Jenna Ellis, a member of US President Donald Trump's legal team, during an appearance before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on December 2, 2020, in Lansing, Michigan (Getty Images)

Reid tweeted, "If you are an idolatrous worshipper of Donald Trump, your thoughts on Biblical Christianity will he taken with a huge pound of salt by people who are reasonably familiar with the Gospel. Just so you know." The tweet evoked a wide range of memes and trolling targeted at Republicans, much to the amusement of many of Reid's followers. 


However, one person who did not seem to be amused was Ellis. The former federal prosecutor was a key ally of Rudy Guiliani in the fight to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. She responded, "Literally no one worships Trump. Maybe you need to be more than “reasonably familiar” with the Gospel. I’d be happy to introduce you to the real Jesus and true Christianity, Joy. DM me. Or start by reading Romans and the Gospels."


Her reaction prompted another series of trolling, this time targeted squarely at her. Many users were keen to point to the gold Trump statue. The statue was originally designed by Mexican artist Jose Mauricio Mendoza and was made in China, an ironic fact given Trump's reported hatred for both the countries. However, that didn't stop it from becoming the star attraction of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando this year. 

People take a picture with former president Donald Trump's statue on display at the Conservative Political Action Conference held in the Hyatt Regency on February 27, 2021, in Orlando, Florida (Getty Images)

'Start looking at that f*****g stupid gold statue at cpac'

Ellis found herself mercilessly trolled by social media users for her tweet. One user tweeted, "They literally made a golden idol of him, Jenna. We have receipts. You have fart covid brain." Another person said, "Start looking at that fucking stupid gold statue at cpac."



Sharing a video from CPAC, another user tweeted, "Remember that event this year where all "conservative christians" came together to dance around the golden calf? Oh, you were there?!" Another person trolled Jenna by saying, "Clearly, until @JennaEllisEsq came into the world no one ever understood anything. Millennia of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism and Buddhism and we needed 36-year-old Jenna to come along and fill us in. Jeepers. What did Jesus do without JENNA?"



Another defended Reid, tweeting, "Ms. Ellis, you exemplify Ms. Reid's tweet exactly. You threw your lot in with Donald Trump. I really have no interest in hearing about the "real Jesus" or "true Christianity" from anyone with a moral compass that permits that." Another joked, "Girl, if you touch a bible, it will burst into flames."



"Well the actions of a few of your fellow Trump supporters sure seemed like it so I suggest you tell them that," one person replied. Another tweeted, "No one worships him? I think you're forgetting January 6th."



Other Republicans also found a mention, including Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene. One person tweeted, "Marjorie, Give Jenna back her phone. It’s no longer April Fools." Another said, "You simply cannot get spray-farted on by Rudy Giuliani and then lecture anyone on virtue."



Other responses included GIFS, memes and cartoons as people brutally trolled Ellis. She hasn't responded to any of the trolls but sent out multiple tweets after that, targeting Senator Warnock. She also replied to another tweet by Reid on Warnock, saying "I am an actual Christian." In his run-up to 2016 and even after winning the election, Trump often courted Evangelicals and pro-Christian groups, with promises of protecting religious liberties. In fact, on multiple occasions, the then-president also compared himself to Jesus Christ, much to the joy of his supporters. The religious zeal for Trump even led to a book — Republican Jesus — being published in 2020.