Jenelle Evans blames CPS for trauma while David says Nugget was a 'mean dog' and Internet finds it 'disgusting'

In the video uploaded to YouTube, Jenelle accused CPS for traumatizing her after they took away her children when David shot their pet dog

                            Jenelle Evans blames CPS for trauma while David says Nugget was a 'mean dog' and Internet finds it 'disgusting'
Jenelle Evans and David Eason (YouTube)

Fired 'Teen Mom 2' cast member Jenelle Evans announced on September 1 that she was about to expose the CPS and all the trauma they brought to her life after taking her kids Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley away from her after her husband David Eason shot their dog Nugget. "Within the next few episodes I'm going to explain the corruption, distress, drama introduced to my family by CPS of May 2019. I am doing this to explain the truth despite all the media reports made," she said talking about the investigation the organization launched following the dog incident.

The scene then cut to David who said he regrets what he did but that's the way things work from where he is from and played it off as normal. "About Nugget. She was a loving dog to me but she was not loving towards our kids at all. She would bite their feet. She would bite the wheels on their bicycle. She wasn't always vicious but she had a lot of vicious tendencies. She really was kind of mean. We put up with it for a long time," he said speaking about Nugget. Viewers who happened to see this 47-minute long video have since gone off to bash the couple for trying to justify the act. 

"Trying to justify killing a dog. When you could've found her a better home. Disgusting," wrote a viewer in the comments section on YouTube while another wrote, "I can't even look at Davids's evil face spewing lies and trying to justify murdering a dog." Another comment read, "The dog had a lot of vicious tendencies?! As do since you shot the dog......nvm." 

When the dog shooting incident went public, CPS launched an investigation and they questioned Jace and Kaiser both of who admitted that their stepdad had anger issues, Jenelle said in the video. She further added that CPS took away her children and kept her away from them. Throughout the video, she downplayed David's anger issues and continued to push the blame on CPS and the officials. She, her mother Barbara and David then took turns to bash MTV for firing them all from the show and demanded an answer from them as to why Jenelle had to be fired from the show. The network severed all ties with her after the dog incident. 

David also accused the network of making Jenelle work forcibly when she was down with a stomach bug. Jenelle then went on to question MTV in the video stating, "I allowed you to film me nodding off to heroin. Allowed you to film the birth of my children and after all of that to be thrown away for nothing? Please tell me what I did wrong." Jenelle shows a lot of emotion in this video, however, fans are unimpressed with her "victim mentality". 

"Victim mentality. Everything is always someone else's fault. The common denominator is you," read a comment. "You act like “anger issues” aren’t a legitimate reason for adults or children to be scared. Children deserve peace." said another. Another viewer wrote, "It's both sad and scary you trying to downplay that the only issue all kids mentioned is David's anger. Being petrified of their stepdad is a pretty big deal." The video and the comments can be accessed by clicking on the play button below. 


There are more episodes of this docuseries and Jenelle has promised to release them soon.