'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans accused of fraud by fans after demanding 'charity donations' via Cameo: 'No shame'

Evans posted a video trying to raise money for 'No Kid Hungry' foundation through Cameo

                            'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans accused of fraud by fans after demanding 'charity donations' via Cameo: 'No shame'
Jenelle Evans (Getty Images)

Former reality star, Jenelle Evans has been accused of  "fraud" by her followers on Twitter. This happened after she pleaded for charity donations through Cameo, an application that allows celebrities to interact with their fans, via a video posted to her Twitter where she said, "All the money will go to No Kid Hungry Foundation so let's see how much money we can raise,". 

Her caption reiterated the same, "I teamed up with the app @BookCameo to donate 100% of the money to the @nokidhungry Foundation! This will be for today (04/17) and tomorrow (4/18). Let’s see how much money we can raise to help out all the kids in America during this crisis!" 

After she posted the video, comments started trickling in, accusing her of committing fraud. "NOTHING BUT A CON!!! You can't afford to feed your own kid's #jenelle YOUR MOTHER HAS TO BUY YOUR FOOD FOR YOU," wrote a follower. 

"This is how you choose to raise money for a charity? Worst idea ever you won’t make shit and I advise people to pay directly to them not through you in anyway shape or form," wrote another. 

Another follower wrote, "I highly doubt this money is going to be donated to anyone but her and her unemployed swamp monster husband."

"Donate your money directly to nokidhungry , iWouldnt dare trust the reasons to give 1 penny to charity , why would ANY reputable organization have anything to do with her?" asked a follower. 

"If I were you, Cameo, I would jump ship and cut ties with her. It’s probably not a very good business move for you guys," said another follower warning Cameo about their association with her. 

"Sounds like fraud to me....not sure but I think that's illegal..even for the swamp monsters" wrote another questioning the credibility of her claims. 

Another user fired back at her, writing, "No kid hungry? Are you talking about finally fixing nutritious food for your kids? I can't believe you're running a scam in the middle of this pandemic. You have no shame. You also have no class. #NoClassBigAss"

Fans are making these claims after they pointed out that in March 2020, Cameo issued a statement saying, "Cameo is not related to, nor has any affiliation with, No Kid Hungry.”

Speaking about the "ridiculous" claims to a media outlet, Jenelle mentioned, "I ended up getting 5 Cameos booked for charity between April 16-18th. When that money gets transferred to my bank account, then I can donate to the No Kid Hungry Foundation. It takes a few days for Cameo to send the money. I just completed the video requests yesterday."

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