Jenelle Evans spurns court papers that claim her daughter Ensley, 2, endured 'physical injury or sexual abuse'

Jenelle has been releasing episodes of her documentary titled 'I Have Something To Say' where she is trying to clear her name after the CPS took her children out of her care in 2019

                            Jenelle Evans spurns court papers that claim her daughter Ensley, 2, endured 'physical injury or sexual abuse'
Jenelle Evans (Getty Images)

Jenelle Evans released Episode 2 of her documentary 'I Have Something To Say' on September 8 and in the 30-minute video, she once again attempted to clear her name after Child Protective Services (CPS) removed her children from her care for two months in 2019. In the video, she shared snapshots of documents from the Columbus County Court from when her daughter Ensley was 2 years of age.

Her 12-year-old stepdaughter Maryssa Eason, her and David Eason's three-year-old daughter Ensley Jolie Eason and her six-year-old son Kaiser Orion Griffith with ex Nathan Griffith, were taken out from her care. 

Two boxes were ticked off in the CPS report. One of them read, "The juvenile has suffered physical injury or sexual abuse." The other read "The juvenile is exposed to a substantial risk of physical injury or sexual abuse because the parent, guardian, custodian or caretaker has created conditions likely to cause injury or abuse or has failed to provide, or is unable to provide, adequate supervision or protection."


The documents also stated that there was "a reasonable factual basis to believe that the matters alleged in the petition are true, that there are no other reasonable means available to protect the juvenile," according to a Scottish Sun report. In the video, she alleged that all the claims that there was abuse against Ensley were false. She lashed out at the CPS for filing the paperwork for her children together and not individually.

People who watched the video, however, did not buy her explanation and hit back at her stating that her explanation didn't add up to much. Jenelle then took it upon herself to offer further clarification and for the same, she took to her Instagram stories, the contents of which were captured by Scottish Sun. She said on her Instagram stories: "The allegations of abuse were lies and it was about physical abuse against my son, nothing to do with my daughter."

"Some of you have commented to say 'you posted the documents and Ensley's name was in those papers'. Even though there were allegations against us, against Kaiser, the same allegations were on every kid's paperwork, so all the paperwork had the same allegations for every single child and that is why Ensley's matched Kaiser's and Kaiser's matched Maryssa — they all matched each other."

She added, "It's probably not the right process by CPS, probably not the right step, they should have been very specific based on each child. They put it all together as one maybe because we're all one family." There are more parts to this documentary and more "revelations" that will be released in the weeks to come, watch this space to stay updated on the celebrity.

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