Jenelle Evans criticized by fans for keeping pill bottles within reach of her kids

Jenelle Evans criticized by fans for keeping pill bottles within reach of her kids
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Jenelle Evans is being criticized once again as a parent. The reality star found herself in trouble after fans noticed that a recent clip from Teen Mom 2 star showed Jenelle having multiple pills on her kitchen counter and all of them appeared to be within her kids' reach. The clip shows policemen has arriving at her house to conduct a welfare check on her kids. 

“There’s nothing I did,” she can be seen saying in the clip. “I’m so sick of this bulls--t. I’ve been here at my house, not worrying about no one. I haven’t hit no one. I haven’t threatened no one.” It is then that her husband, David Eason, opens the door to have a word with the sheriff. “Someone called wanting a security check on some children,” the officer says. Jenelle and David are convinced that it was her ex, Nathan Griffith, who could have made the call. 

While the two were having a conversation, many fans were worried about the number of pills that were kept on the kitchen counter. At the same time, they grew worried about the kids being able to reach them. “Jenelle Evans and David Eason from TM2 are such great parents to leave 19 pill bottles in reach of children,” one user wrote. “Try to hide all the bottles of pills you have, at least from your kids.”

Jenelle blamed MTV for making her look bad (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

While another wrote, "This bit, this makes me so f**king angry. Some people really don’t deserve kids. Jenelle Evans should have her tubes tied!" However, there were others who defended her actions. "Anyone thinks that perhaps they just got back from the pharmacy and had no time to put things up when the knock was on the door?" wrote one fan.

Meanwhile, another noted, "The cops were there to check on the children, not monitor the medical issues of the house. The children were not in sight, Jenelle was RIGHT THERE, the pills were likely bein' prepared for the week (put into a pill organizer) there was/is no danger." This comes after the 'Teen Mom' star accused MTV and their edits for making her look in negative light in front of the cameras.


The reality star took to Twitter to tell her side of the story. "I really wish I was respected more by everyone, including society. But everyone just hates me cuz of MTV portraying me the way they want. I wish you were able to see my life through my eyes for once," Jenelle tweeted. "I know who I am and how my family is, and it’s not what MTV shows." This comes after the reality star might have hinted that her son, Kaiser, may be suffering from an eating disorder. 


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 Jenelle Evans criticized by fans for having pill bottles in reach of her children