Jenelle Evans blames MTV for showing her in a bad light and hints at son's eating disorder after being criticized for parenting style

The Teen Mom star wants people to know that she is deliberately being shown in a bad light, she really wishes people started giving her more respect and see the truth of her life.

                            Jenelle Evans blames MTV for showing her in a bad light and hints at son's eating disorder after being criticized for parenting style
Jenelle Evans (Source:Getty Images)

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have been at the center of criticism for how they chose to raise their kids. Following the backlash that the couple recently received, Jenelle decided to shed some light on what really happened. The 'Teen Mom' star accused MTV and their edits for making her look in the negative light in front of the cameras. The reality star took to Twitter to tell her side of the story. 

Jenelle accused MTV of making her look bad on screen (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

"I really wish I was respected more by everyone, including society. But everyone just hates me cuz of MTV portraying me the way they want. I wish you were able to see my life through my eyes for once," Jenelle tweeted. "I know who I am and how my family is, and it’s not what MTV shows." This comes after the reality star might have hinted that her son, Kaiser may be suffering from an eating disorder. 

While everyone was busy pointing finger at how the reality star chose to raise her kids, Jenelle took time out to pay attention to one tweet which was shared by another fan. The tweet that Jenelle retweeted read, " The dinner table scene where Kaiser said he had to use the bathroom reminded me of my daughter. Every dinner she would say she had to go just so she didn’t have to eat. And once we caught on to what she was doing, we started saying no too. She grew out of that phase eventually.” 


Jenelle and David were accused of not treating their kids right (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV)

The fan added, “I’m reading some of these tweets and I’m like really? My kids have their behavioral moments and they are disciplined, reprimanded, etc. Am I a bad mom? Am I abusive? I’m far from. My kids will not grow up and be disrespectful, entitled teens/adults. Thank you very much.” The news comes after the latest episode of Teen Mom showed Jenelle and her husband, David Eason becoming impatient with the kids. 

One scene from the episode showed Kaiser telling his parents about wanting to go to the bathroom. However, David refused and added that he would be in big trouble if he had an accident. Jenelle too did not speak up during this incident and Kaiser had to oblige his parents. One would think that this would be the end of Kaiser's misery. However, when all of them got up to leave, Jenelle and David were not in their best mood. Even though the kids did not do anything, the two kept scolding the kids and even decided to cancel the activity the family was going to participate in. After they all got into the car David even tried to get the cameras from stop shooting. 

One of the fans questioned Jenelle tweet about blaming MTV for the edit as the fan suggested the show showed what came out of her own mouth and no edits could be helpful in this situation. Jenelle defended this by saying, " Half the time we are mad... the attitude comes from cameras being in your face, anxiety builds, then you want them away. They only want the bad things. Nothing is about preventing pregnancy anymore."