Jen Psaki trolled for claiming Joe Biden 'saved' Christmas: 'Same way the Grinch did'

Jen Psaki shared a New York Times article titled 'Why Christmas Gifts are Arriving on Time This Year'

                            Jen Psaki trolled for claiming Joe Biden 'saved' Christmas: 'Same way the Grinch did'
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki speaks during the daily press briefing at the White House (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was slammed by political experts and social media users alike after she claimed on Wednesday, December 22, that President Joe Biden had “saved Christmas” by delivering on his promise of stocked shelves ahead of Holiday weekend.

Psaki shared a New York Times article titled “Why Christmas Gifts are Arriving on Time This Year” on Wednesday, December 22, along with the comment, “Take that Scrooge, the Grinch and all of the doubters that this could happen. Also, shelves are stocked at 90% (pre-pandemic levels are 91%).” She noted in-store stock levels were nearly back to pre-pandemic levels despite the ongoing health crisis. When someone wondered when the Republicans were going to be grateful for everything that the current POTUS had done to get the supply chain flowing again, Psaki replied, “Hard same.”



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The press sec also doubled down on the claim during Wednesday’s White House press briefing. Once again she cited the New York Times article, saying, “As The New York Times said today, Christmas gifts are arriving on time this year… Good news. We’ve saved Christmas and that is because President Biden recognized this challenge early, acted as an honest broker to bring key stakeholders together… and focused on addressing … problems across the global supply chain.” Psaki then went on to list a number of steps the Biden administration had taken to address specific problems in the supply chain. She concluded, “So people can go purchase — purchase presents even at this point if they haven’t done their shopping.”

'Kind of in the same way the Grinch did'

Political journalists did not agree with the narrative pushed by Psaki in promoting the Biden administration's recent achievements. “Seems kinda hard to take credit for having turned the tide with the considerable number of supply chain actions the administration has touted in recent weeks if their position is it was all just a media narrative,” San Francisco Chronicle Washington correspondent Tal Kopan remarked. New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz noted that even Psaki’s tune had changed from only months earlier when she snapped at a reporter who had asked if Christmas gifts would arrive on time. “We’re not the postal service,” Psaki said at the time.


Twitter users also joined in, rebuking Psaki's claims. "Exactly where are these stocked shelves? Because there aren’t any in my neighborhood," one of them said, while another noted, "Only for the vaccinated of course." A third commented, "The absolute hubris…" One more noted, "Saved from what?" Another added, "Does she know how ridiculous she looks and sounds?" The next remarked, "So…..let’s go Rudolph." One more wrote, "Is she sniffing glue? This is beyond ridiculous."

A commenter tweeted, "Kind of in the same way the Grinch did, in that he was the one who was trying to take it away in the first placeeee." One more said, "She claims a lot of nonsense." Another noted, "Yay! Christmas was saved, but the catch is - everything went up in price. Are these people delusional? - yes." One of them commented, "I thought the Moldy Cheeto saved Christmas?" A person reacted, "How much is she getting paid to flat out lie to everyone." One more said, "She is almost as unlikable as Kamala and that is an amazing accomplishment."














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