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Did Jeffrey Toobin REALLY pressure girlfriend to have abortion? Tweet reignites old debate

After lawyer calls Supreme Court hearing 'wall-to-wall disaster', people slam him over allegations he pushed then-GF to abort their child
Lawyer Jeffrey Toobin (Thos Robinson/Getty Images) with an insert of Casey Greenfield (Casey Greenfield/Twitter)
Lawyer Jeffrey Toobin (Thos Robinson/Getty Images) with an insert of Casey Greenfield (Casey Greenfield/Twitter)

Lawyer and disgraced legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin waded into the Supreme Court's hearing on abortion on December 1, calling it a "wall-to-wall disaster" for pro-choice activists. It didn't take long for the fury to come, as many trolled and slammed his take, particularly given his past controversy on the topic. The tweet brought back into the public light, a decade-old allegation that Toobin pressured his then-girlfriend into getting an abortion.

The conservative court is currently debating on the future of abortion nationwide, based on cases from two states. It appears the court could uphold a law in Mississippi, that would ban nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Also under the scanner is SB 8 in Texas, which seeks to subvert Roe v Wade by putting the onus on citizens to report illegal abortions. It's the biggest challenge to abortion in American history, and could for the first time see Roe v Wade's standard struck down.


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With the court stacked against pro-choice activists, and a Republican Party bent on killing abortions, there seems to be little light at the end of the tunnel. Reacting to the case, Toobin tweeted on December 1, "If you believe that women should have the right choose abortion, today's Supreme Court argument was a wall-to-wall disaster."


'Abortion is very important to Jeffrey Toobin'

While many users chose to slam Toobin for his take, some decided to go further by taking shots at his abortion allegations from 2010 with Casey Greenfield. "Toobin tried to force the woman who he impregnated to have an abortion. That's not my definition of choice by any means," one user hit back. Another mocked, "Abortion is very important to Jeffrey Toobin. Which is why he tried to bully a colleague’s daughter into having one after he had an affair with her and knocked her up." One person tweeted, "Toobin's interest in abortion is personal, as we all know. He knows it's too - that's why he turned off replies like the coward he is." Another user joked, "If you believe that Toobin should be able to force his girlfriend to have an abortion, today's SCOTUS argument was also a disaster."





These are just a handful of the many, many, tweets mocking Toobin's incident with Greenfield. If you are wondering what exactly happened, here's everything we know.

Did Toobin really pressure GF into abortion?

For over a decade, Toobin and fellow lawyer Greenfield were engaged in a secret affair. In 2008, that affair led to Greenfield becoming pregnant with his child, but it wasn't something Toobin wanted. He reportedly offered her money for an abortion and even more cash for another child via sperm donor. The plot was revealed by NY Daily News, based on sources close to Toobin and Greenfield. 

"When Casey wouldn't have an abortion, Jeff told her she was going to regret it, that she shouldn't expect any help from him," one source said. Greenfield, however, decided not to take his money and went ahead with the pregnancy. She even had a DNA test done, but Toobin refused to provide a sample, and he didn't take up her offer to meet the child when he was born either. Rory was born in 2009, and eventually, Toobin acknowledged he was the father after a court-mandated DNA test. That led a Manhattan Family Court judge to order Toobin to pay child support, but only after refusing to pay the full amount and being threatened by Greenfield's lawyer.

Neither Toobin nor Greenfield have since publicly spoken about the circumstances surrounding Rory's birth, but the allegations clearly remain strong well over a decade later. It's just one of the many times Toobin has landed in trouble for his fixation with sex.

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