Is Jed Duggar getting ready for politics? Young Duggar makes Instagram debut and his 'following' list speaks volumes

Jed Duggar has finally joined the Instagram but looking at the people he follows, fans are wondering if a political career move might be in place.

                            Is Jed Duggar getting ready for politics? Young Duggar makes Instagram debut and his 'following' list speaks volumes
Duggar children (Source : Getty Images)

Jed Duggar has finally made his Instagram debut and fans are thrilled! Duggar family members have always tried to stay in touch with their fans through social media and for a long time people wondered why Jed wasn't on Instagram. Looks like their wait is finally over as the young Duggar has already shared two posts. 

Jed has a total following of 5,566 and has been following 39 people. Even though Jed has limited his follower's list to 39, people were fascinated to see how it included the names of many politicians. President Donald Trump, Franklin Graham, Governor Asa Hutchinson, and Senator John Boozman, were just some of the politicians Jed followed. 

Looking at the list sme wondered if they would soon be seeing a Duggar family member in politics. "He is only following 23 people, and besides his family and family friends, that includes Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee, the Republican Party, the NRA, the Freedomists, Arkansas tourism, and Fox News. I expect a candidacy announcement imminently," one fan wrote. 

Another added, "Hardly surprising. I'm not saying a 20-yr-old can't be a Republican or any party through their logic, but that isn't the case here. He's just parroting what he was taught. It's also easy to think you have all the answers at this age." 

Some even commented on the profile picture Jed chose: "I was just thinking that profile picture looked every politician-y." Another chimed in by stating, "Nah, is there an election or something soon? That’s a politics photo, not that I’m looking for someone to call me daddy shot."

Meanwhile, others thought that this might be a hint that Jed would soon be courting. In the previous episode of the show Jed had spoken about the type of girl he would want to settle down with. Ever since then people have been anticipating a courtship announcement. While there has been no announcement made, we wouldn't be surprised if Jed uses Instagram to break the news. 

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