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Jasmine Chiswell: Marilyn Monroe-like TikToker faces death threats for baby's name

After revealing son's name on TikTok, Chiswell recounts 'bullying' at chosen name and calls it 'brutal', however refused to back down to the pressure
Screenshots of Jasmine Chiswell from TikTok revealing her son's name (R) and speaking about the bullying (L). (@jasminechiswell/TIkTok)
Screenshots of Jasmine Chiswell from TikTok revealing her son's name (R) and speaking about the bullying (L). (@jasminechiswell/TIkTok)

TikTok sensation Jasmine Chiswell is perhaps best known for looking like Marylin Monroe. Not only does she look like the Hollywood icon, but Chiswell also resides at the former Hollywood home of the actress. However, in February 2022, Chiswell also made the news for her naming choice for her son. "People were also sending my husband and I death threats through DMs just over my baby's name," she recounted in a TikTok. 

The tragic bullying took place after the TikToker revealed her son's name on the social media platform, which isn't the first time it has occurred. In October 2021, Nicki Minaj was accused of bullying one of Leigh-Anne's fans via a comment. In March 2021, we also reported on the plight of a schoolgirl in New Jersey, who was bullied and racially discriminated against on TikTok by comments. 


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Of course, the site has become a popular avenue for people to out bullies and racists, such as the popular account 'Aunt Karen'. However, from time to time, it does host bullies the way most other platforms do. Tragically, it appears Chiswell had to endure that ugly side of TikTok and over something deeply personal like her own child's name.

TikToker Jasmine Chiswell and her husband reveal their baby's name on TikTok. (@jasminechiswell/TikTok)

Name reveal divides TikTok

On February 11, 2022, Chiswell and her husband appeared in a TikTok video captioned 'Our Baby’s Name Reveal!' They then told the world their son, who was born just three weeks ago would be named Midnight. The video instantly went viral, garnering over 25 million views and thousands of comments, but tragically not all of them were positive. "Just me who thinks it’s actually quite cute," one user commented. Another said, "Lol my cats Called Midnight." 

There were also plenty of other negative comments, as Chiswell revealed in a TikTok the following day. People said things like "oh it's bad" and made repeated jokes on the nickname 'Mid'. "I’m not going to lie, the comments suck," she said in the TikTok. "The comment section was, oh my goodness, brutal. My husband and I both absolutely love the name and we aren’t going to change it, but the comments were literally bullying my three-week-old son," she added.

Chiswell went on to say she received death threats, which she called, "extremely unfair and not okay." She ended that video with a plea to "please be kind and if you don’t like it, please just scroll by." The February 12 video garnered over 18 million views and thousands of comments in support of Chiswell and her family. "Midnight is beautiful! unique names are the best, y’all did perfect," one user said. Another commented, "His name is BEAUTIFUL and people have no right to be so disrespectful." 

The positive comments have since also flown to Chiswell's February 11 video, and have now led to most of the negative comments being hidden. Nonetheless, it does go to show the dark side of social media, and how most celebrities themselves aren't immune from hurt. Chiswell though appears to have moved on, and featured Midnight in multiple videos since. It certainly seems like the new mother isn't bothered by her critics.