Jared Bridegan murder: Ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez moved across country as arrest looms

Jared Bridegan murder: Ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez moved across country as arrest looms
Jared Bridegan’s ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez is a suspect in his murder (Family Handout, GoFundMe)

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FLORIDA: The mystery of Microsoft exec Jared Bridegan’s murder has intensified as his ex-wife and possible suspect Shanna Gardner-Fernandez has quietly moved 2,800 miles away from Florida to the Pacific Northwest. As per police sources, an arrest is on the cards in the unsolved 2022 murder, where the 33-year-old top executive was heinously killed in an ambush attack after he dropped off his 10-year-old twins at his ex's then-Florida home. On his way back, he stopped to pick up a tire left in the middle of the road and was shot multiple times. The investigator believes the tire was planted by the attackers. Bridegan's toddler daughter from his second marriage witnessed the February 16 incident from the back of the car.


Adam, Bridegan’s older brother, had earlier reacted to the killing, “This was such a heinous crime … I mean, and the amount of times he was shot, just to ensure that he was dead.” As per Fox News Digital, an arrest is expected this week, and Gardner-Fernandez's recent move has raised eyebrows. Reportedly, her second husband Fernandez, who is also a suspect, was not present on the trip. When asked to comment on Monday, January 23, Gardner-Fernandez replied, "No, I’m sorry." The 35-year-old was seen in her white Tesla in a grocery store parking lot a few minutes later.


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Fox News Digital interviewed Kirsten Bridegan, with whom Jared shared 3-year-old Bexley and 1-year-old London. She reacted strongly to Gardner-Fernandez’s decision to move so far away. "Honestly, I was shocked," she said. "First, the twins lost their dad, then they were completely cut off from their own sisters, and now they’re being taken away from their school, friends, their sports teams. They are so isolated, and that’s what concerns me.”


The slain Microsoft exec had custody of the twins every other week, but after his murder, Gardner-Fernandez cut off all connections with his family, as per Kirsten. "It’s been an added loss. On top of losing Jared, my children have lost their siblings. I’ve lost my step-kids. I have tried for months and months to make contact and have gotten nowhere,” she added. Bridegan, 33, and Gardener-Fernandez, 35, divorced in 2016, and continued to tussle over finances and custody of the twins in family court. It was also alleged that she was having an affair that eventually led to their split. However, she denied the claims.

As per sources, an arrest can be made by Wednesday, January 25.

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