Where is Janice from 'Friends' now? Margaret Wheeler had a real-life 'Oh my God' moment after 2016 death hoax

Where is Janice from 'Friends' now? Margaret Wheeler had a real-life 'Oh my God' moment after 2016 death hoax
Maggie Wheeler who played Janice in 'Friends' (Getty Images)

Chandler Bing's on and off love interest in 'Friends', Janice, whose iconic 'Oh my God!' exclamation would rattle the insides of our ears, almost gave a heart attack to the internet few years back. The internet was abuzz with the disturbing news of the death of Maggie Wheeler, the actress who played Janice. 'Friends' fans wrote condoling messages and started grieving for Wheeler's death.

Maggie Wheeler, 59, is an American actress, who is best known for her portrayal of Janice and her signature line. Although a guest appearance on the show first, Janice became a recurring face owing to her exponentially increasing popularity amongst 'Friends' enthusiasts. However, Wheeler had originally auditioned for the role of Monica Geller which eventually went to Courteney Cox. Maggie's commendable comic timing fetched her guest appearances in lots of popular sitcoms including 'ER', 'HIMYM', and 'Will and Grace' amongst others.


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Maggie Wheeler's death hoax

Maggie Wheeler (Getty Images)

Sources had earlier claimed that Wheeler was found dead in her apartment in LA on August 12, 2016, with the probable cause of her death being a heart attack. Facebook page, 'I miss friends The best Tv series ever' is believed to be where the rumor originated at first. The page later posted that Wheeler's advocate mailed them and clarified the hoax saying, "Maggie is alive, She's doing fine with her family who were shocked to hear in the social media about Maggie's Death rumor." Maggie Wheeler is all set to appear in the much-awaited reunion special episode of 'Friends' on May 27, 2021.


Where is Maggie Wheeler now?

Born on August 7, 1961, to Barabara (a writer) and John Jakobson (stockbroker on Wallstreet), Wheeler dreamt of becoming an actress from her childhood itself. Wheeler married Daniel Borden in 1990, who is a renowned artist, sculptor, and photographer from Ohio. The couple has been blissfully married since then. they have two daughters, Juno (1994) and Gemma (1999). In 2016, she told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, "As a couple, we're both involved and invested in creating spaces for people to express themselves. He with his art and me with my music." She's living in Los Angeles with her family.


Is Janice friends with the 'Friends'?

Maggie Wheeler (Netflix)

Maggie Wheeler may not necessarily be a part of the inner circle, but she has done her part of keeping in touch with the 'Friends' over the years. "From time to time we run into each other, but I haven't seen anyone recently. I was having lunch with a friend in a restaurant and Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc were having lunch at the next table, and we're always so happy to see each other when we do," she told Digital Spy in 2014.


The inspiration behind Janice's nasal laugh

Maggie Wheeler in 'Friends' (Netflix)

The ear rattling laugh which incorporated deep down in our minds is absolutely nothing like the actress sounds in real life. (Thank god?) In 2016, Wheeler told Digital Spy, "She (Janice) is an amalgamation of many women that I have encountered growing up in New York City. For me, the rhythm of the character was on the page from the get-go. But then as we went on and it became this great kind of creative collaboration. "I have to say a big thank you to everybody who ever put, 'Oh my God' down on a page."


Maggie Wheeler's favorite Janice episode

"I have a couple of different favorite moments. First of all, I love the Valentine's episode — I love the moment where she gets so mad at Chandler in the restaurant and she says, 'You could use these in your little puppet theatre of cruelty'. I loved all the writing. And the Yemen episode happens to be one of my all-time favorite lines: '15 Yemen Road, Yemen' was hilarious to say. And lives on, I think, in many people's memories as a very funny moment! But I kind of loved them all," she told Digital Spy in 2014.


Maggie Wheeler's glorious career spanned over more than three decades but she is always recognized as Janice by 'Friends' enthusiasts. It would be interesting to see Janice reunite with the 'Friends' 17 years later.

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