Janet Jackson drops new album 'Black Diamond', tells Fallon her favorite 'nasty' lyrics came from a bad incident

The 53-year old singer also took to Instagram and announced a brand new American tour as well with the same name

                            Janet Jackson drops new album 'Black Diamond', tells Fallon her favorite 'nasty' lyrics came from a bad incident
Janet Jackson (Getty Images)

The vocal powerhouse Janet Jackson appeared on tonight’s episode of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and had a pleasant surprise for her fans.  The singer announced her new album ‘Black Diamond’, her first in five years since ‘Unbreakable’ saw the fore. 

While on Fallon’s show, the singer revealed that the favorite lyrics from her new album are “Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty”, which have become iconic were born out of an unpleasant experience. Janet said she and her friend were once on the way to their dance class when they ran into a few older boys. She said, “I didn’t like it very much. I was very embarrassed and pretty upset” as they started messing with her and her friend, calling them names. Although the incident remains a bitter memory for Jackson, she decided to turn her experience into a song and that’s how nasty was made.

When Jimmy asked her if she knew the lyrics would become iconic she responded, “No. You’re just creating music. You never know, I never did.”  When the crowd showered her with applause, she quipped, “I get it from everybody.”

Janet Jackson’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show has also stirred a lot of reactions on social media. 

While one fan wrote, “Yes @JanetJackson she looks amazing in @FallonTonight I really liked the interview and I was excited to see her so beautiful and so smiling”

“@JanetJackson Enjoyed your chat with #JimmyFallon on The Late Show from home in the Bronx NYC! Congrats on your upcoming #BlackDiamondTour and I are oh so very looking 4ward 2 hearing the Nu-Nu,” another added. 

Only a few hours before appearing on the show, Janet made the big announcement on Instagram with a long caption consisting of all the details about her upcoming world tour. 

She wrote, “Hey U Guys! I’ve heard all your wishes and now from my lips to your ears. I’m working on my new album and going on a brand new World Tour this summer! Both titled ✨ 'Black Diamond'


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