Jana Kramer's ex Mike Caussin 'happy' for 'One Tree Hill' star as she's engaged to Allan Russell, fans ask 'why the rush?'

Jana Kramer's ex Mike Caussin 'happy' for 'One Tree Hill' star as she's engaged to Allan Russell, fans ask 'why the rush?'
Jana Kramer's ex Mike Caussin reacts to her engagement to Alan Russell (@kramergirl/Instagram)

ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN: Jana Kramer, known for her role in 'One Tree Hill', has surprised fans with the news of her engagement to former Scottish professional footballer, Alan Russell. The couple, who have been dating for just six months, took their relationship to the next level as Jana proudly showed off her stunning engagement ring. However, the announcement comes amidst the lingering memory of Jana's cheating scandal with her ex-husband, Mike Caussin.

The cheating scandal with her former spouse is still fresh in everyone's minds, leading to speculation and skepticism about the longevity of her new relationship. The internet, however, has been quick to express their opinions. Some users have raised concerns about the pace at which Jana has moved on, questioning the wisdom of such a rapid commitment. Despite the scrutiny, Jana remains resolute in defending her choices and embracing this new chapter of her life with Alan.


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Jana Kramer gets engaged to beau Alan Russell

In a surprising revelation on her Whine Down podcast, Jana Kramer excitedly announced her engagement after openly dating Alan for six months. The 'One Tree Hill' star shared the heartwarming details of the proposal, describing a beautiful evening on their front porch with her children, she said, "It was a really beautiful night, and me and the kids were all sitting… on the front porch of the steps, and just looking out at the view." Adding the further details of the evening she said "And he said my name, and I got up or whatever and then he got down on one knee, and then Jolie just started jumping up and down. It was the cutest thing ever, it's like she knew what was happening. She's like, 'You're getting married!'  Overwhelmed with emotion, Jana admitted to "blacking out" She said, "I kind of blacked out at that point, he kind of said some things, a few sentences, like, 'You're the love of my life, will you marry me, something, something, something.' And then we just both started crying," she continued, saying the whole proposal "just felt right" and she said "Yes." With tears of joy, she wholeheartedly accepted, emphasizing that the proposal felt perfect.


Originally planning a trip to Jamaica, Jana was thrilled that Alan chose their future home as the setting, emphasizing that she didn't need a grand setup. If this engagement turns into a wedding, this might be the actress's fourth wedding. Despite concerns raised by one of her cohosts about the speed of her engagement, Jana Kramer defended her decision by asserting that her past experiences have sharpened her discernment. She concluded by saying, "Perhaps we don't need to wait 10 years because we're pushing 40 and we can marry who we love when we're ready to marry them?"

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'Aw, that's nice'

Jana Kramer bravely revealed that her ex-husband Mike Caussin cheated on her with more than 13 women, exposing the painful infidelity that shattered their relationship. Opening up on Red Table Talk, Kramer shared the heartbreaking truth, emphasizing the shocking number of women involved. The betrayal left her grappling with the loss of her dream family, as she added in the interview saying, "I know we’re both in better situations, but I think about this year, my kids won’t wake up in my house [on] Christmas day." In the podcast, she added about Mike's reaction to her engagement decision, according to Jana Kramer, her ex-husband actually likes her fiancé Allan, and she had already made it clear that he would be a permanent presence in their lives. While she had hoped to personally share the engagement news with Caussin, their daughter Jolie unintentionally spilled the beans during a FaceTime call.

The actress mentioned that "Jolie was FaceTiming him and she's like, 'Guess what daddy, mommy's engaged!' And he's like, 'Aw, that's nice.'" Recounting the moment, Kramer shared, "I would have liked to have told him, but I also don't want Jolie to have to keep secrets from her dad." Caussin's response was surprisingly supportive. After congratulating her and discussing co-parenting arrangements, he expressed genuine happiness and said, "really happy" for her. She later added expressing genuine gratitude and said, "Of all people, you deserve to have someone who loves you and respects you. You deserve this, after everything I put you through, you deserve this more than anyone." Overwhelmed with emotion, Kramer tearfully thanked him for his words, appreciating the acknowledgment of her worthiness.


'No hate at all but geesh u move fast'

As soon as she posted the delightful picture of her engagement news, the internet was quick to take a snap at it. They made all kinds of reactions which basically included the question of her moving on so fast, as one fan wrote, "Hmm that was quick…. Why the rush ???" as another user added with a similar question "Why Jana ? Why ? Why do you always rush into stuff ?." Some users also mentioned their kids in the between the drama and said, "Again? So fast. U have kids. I like u but come on" while another user added questioning her choices, and said, "Why can’t you just stay single?." One user wrote, "Well, that was fast. 🤔🤔" and another added, "No hate at all but geesh u move fast," questioning her move on speed. While another user sarcastically took a snap at her marriage timelines and said, "Oh brother, I wonder how long this will last!"

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 Jana Kramer's ex Mike Caussin 'happy' for 'One Tree Hill' star as she's engaged to Allan Russell