Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin reveal they are expecting a baby boy

Jana Kramer and husband, Mike Caussin, threw a gender reveal party and the pair was surprised when they found out they were expecting a baby boy.

                            Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin reveal they are expecting a baby boy
Jana Kramer (Source:Getty Images)

Jana Kramer and husband, Mike Caussin are expecting a baby boy! The couple announced the gender of their second child on Instagram. The country singer also shared the wonderful news on her iHeartRadio podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer. "It’s a boy!” Jana says on the show as she calls Mike to sit down with her. While the couple suggested they have already made a decision regarding the baby's name, they decided to keep it a secret until the little one is born. “Boy names are so hard,” she noted before suggesting that they had chosen the name Charlie for a girl and picked Grayson or Carter for a boy until Jana's friend had a little boy who she named Gray.

“But then I feel like there are so many Carters now. And I love how Jolie’s name [is] a little different — it’s not really that popular — and so we came up with a few,” she said adding that they had crossed Jett and Jeter John off their list. Jana and Mike are already proud parents of their daughter, Jolie Rae Caussin. Jana confessed that she thought she was pregnant with a girl for the second time because her pregnancy felt a lot like when she was carrying Jolie. 

“I was sick, I was craving fruit. I felt gross, which is how I felt with Jolie,” she said. “So I was like, ‘I’m definitely having a girl." As it turns out, Jana was secretly hoping that she was right. “And secretly, I also wanted a girl too,” she confessed. “I wanted to have a sister for Jolie.” The pair announced their pregnancy in June. 

Though Jana conceived naturally this time, the country singer has been open about her struggles with getting pregnant in the past. Opening up about her past miscarriages, the singer decided to be honest with her fans in her latest vlog. “I want to be as open and honest and raw as possible and that’s why I’m doing this. I wanted to show you guys my journey of becoming pregnant,” she said.

Jana and Mike decided to turn to IVF in order to get pregnant but had an unfortunate experience with the same. “When Mike and I first got together, we were having trouble conceiving, so I went to the doctors and started the process of IVF. We had only three embryos and we implanted the two embryos. I ended up getting pregnant but we had a very, very early chemical loss," she said of her first miscarriage. Fortunately, the couple heard a good news when “very soon after, I actually got pregnant naturally with Jolie,” Jana said of their 2-year-old-daughter. 

Just four to five months after Jana and Mike welcomed Jolie, they got to hear the good news that they would be parents once again. However, their happiness did not last long for as she ended up losing that baby around seven and a half weeks. The couple tried IVF yet again but like always, it all turned out to be fruitless. As of now, Jana and Mike are happy to have Jolie in their life and eager to welcome another member into their family.