James and Lisa Goy’s family says people sharing video of killings by Jeffrey Spaide should ‘rot in f***ing hell’

The CCTV footage shows the 50-year-old James screaming 'I'll knock your a** out,' and 'I'll make your life a living hell,' after which the accused came out of his home with a gun and fired at the couple

                            James and Lisa Goy’s family says people sharing video of killings by Jeffrey Spaide should ‘rot in f***ing hell’
CCTV footage shows Jeffrey Spaide rushing inside to get a gun to shoot the couple (Screengrab/Twitter)

PLAINS, PENNSYLVANIA: The family of James and Lisa Goy, who were killed cold-heartedly over a snow disposal argument by Jeffrey Spaide, has said that people who share the incident’s video can "rot in hell." The CCTV footage of the tragedy has shown the 50-year-old James screaming "I'll knock your a** out," and "I'll make your life a living hell," after which the 47-year-old accused came out of his home with a gun. The 48-year-old woman was even heard shouting at him, "Go ahead! Go ahead!" Eventually, Spaide pulled out the gun and fired multiple shots killing the pair right in the middle of the street.

Chris Goy, who is a family member of the deceased couple, has now taken to Facebook to blast those who were sharing the "sickening" video of the "execution”. "For whoever is posting the video of my family being executed I hope you rot in f***ing hell. They had a 15 year old boy and our family has been through enough. Have some respect! The audacity of some people. If you see it report it and tell the people to take it down please for my family's sake,” Chris said in the post, where he also shared a family photo.


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As per reports, after the murders of the Goys, Spaide also took his life as the first police units responded to the scene on West Bergh Street at 9 am on Monday, February 1. The accused allegedly fired 15 to 20 shots. The case has reportedly been closed by prosecutors, who ruled it as a murder-suicide. According to the surveillance footage and the witnesses, James and Lisa started the argument with Spaide, who had a history of disputes, while clearing snow from their respective properties. While removing the snow from their car, the Goys allegedly threw it onto Spaide's property. Prosecutors said that Spaide asked them not to do so which resulted in the pair shouting abuses at him.

A winter snowstorm in Pennsylvania. Representational photo. (Getty Images)

It has been reported that James showed his fist to Spaide as well as hurled obscenities at him. The CCTV video showed James calling the former United States Navy shipboard engineering technician a "motherf***er" and a "p****." The argument escalated after which, Spaide came out of his house carrying a pistol. As it became clear the situation had gone out of control, James asked him to “put the gun down.” But he did not stop and fired shots first hitting the man and then his wife. Later, Spaide was also found dead in his home of a self-inflicted wound. The county coroner pronounced all three dead just before 11:30 a.m. the same day.

A man digs snow to free a car on January 6, 2019 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Heavy snowfalls have inundated Bavaria and Austria with another 40cm expected by Monday. (Getty Images)

Luzerne County First Assistant District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce said, "The bodies of the two victims of the gunfire from the shooter were both outside. One is the middle of the street; one is between two parked cars. That is a husband and wife. There is the person believed to be the victim the suicide victim who is the aggressor and shooter is in one of their residences, his own residence.”

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