Jake Herbert: Porn star son poses NAKED with dad on OnlyFans, earns $40,000 per month

'I don’t care, because I knew it was going to come to a big payment. And it would get people talking,' Jake Herbert commented

                            Jake Herbert: Porn star son poses NAKED with dad on OnlyFans, earns $40,000 per month
Jake Herbert

A British father-son duo has created quite the stir after they posed naked together on OnlyFans and started making over $40,000 per month. Jake Herbert, a 26-year-old adult entertainment star from the UK, had started his OnlyFans account a few years ago and was earning a decent income every month with his explicit photos and videos. However, soon afterward, he decided to invite his own father to join his nude photoshoots and his account exploded overnight.

In the past, British siblings Daisy Drew and Sean Austin turned heads after they revealed they joined OnlyFans to pay off their parent's debts. The siblings shoot each other's racy photos and videos for the adult platform and have the complete approval and "blessing" of their family. The brother-sister duo is reportedly raking in millions with their NSFW content on OnlyFans. However, in the case of Jake Herbert, the 26-year-old has raised many eyebrows by posing naked together with his dad in explicit, X-rated photos.


Speaking to BBC, Jake Herbert revealed that earlier he was earning around $9,000 in a month with his solo nude pictures. However, he was determined to earn more money and was experimenting with different ideas before his dad walked into the scene. Herbert once casually shared a photo with his father, a middle-aged handsome hunk himself, just after the two of them worked out together. The photo sent his followers into a frenzy, giving Herbert the idea of including his father in his raunchy endeavors. 

"Obviously, I knew that to take this to the next level I had to do something that would get everyone talking. I put a picture of my dad up, just us topless after a workout, and it just went mental," the UK resident shared. When he approached his dad with the proposal, the patriarch agreed to strip down a little farther for a share of some easy OnlyFans money.

Herbert, who charges $10 per month on the adult content platform, has garnered over 387,900 likes and many followers after including his dad. He uploads explicit photos daily and also takes in requests for personal videos. "My legit dad does feature on my page👀," he added in his OnlyFans bio.

However, only his fans are aware whether the father-son have featured in any explicit video together. After some of his followers expressed skepticism around whether the middle-aged hunk in Herbert's photos was his real dad, Herbert shut down the rumors sharing 'normal' photos of them together from his childhood and youth. 

Meanwhile, Jake Herbert's father, who works as a plumber, has drawn some flak from his coworkers for his unorthodox part-time venture. “He was getting bits of banter and that from where he was working. And I was like, ‘Look, dad, we just need to make some money. It’s not like we’re doing anything," the son explained. 

However, despite all the criticism, Herbert assures he has never seen his father naked. “We’ve never seen each other naked, the most he’s shown on my page is his a**. Furthest me and my dad would go is … well, you’ll have to subscribe to see!” he quipped.

"I don’t care, because I knew it was going to come to a big payment. And it would get people talking, and it would get people to subscribe," he said, adding that his own girlfriend was totally cool with his unusual father-son bonding. 

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