Daisy Drew and Sean Austin: Siblings join OnlyFans to help pay off parents' debts

Sean Austin, 29, and his sister Daisy Drew, 24, helped to pay off their parents' mortgage with their OnlyFans income

                            Daisy Drew and Sean Austin: Siblings join OnlyFans to help pay off parents' debts
Sean Austin and his sister Daisy Drew have earned over $2 million from OnlyFans (Twitter, Instagram)

A Glasgow-based brother-sister duo raised eyebrows as they proudly announced their OnlyFans venture launched in order to financially support their parents. Sean Austin, 29, and his sister Daisy Drew, 24, are reportedly raking millions on OnlyFans with their NSFW content, which eventually helped to pay off their parents' mortgage. The siblings shoot each other's racy photos and videos for the adult platform and have the complete approval and "blessing" of their family. 

Both Sean and Daisy have their individual OnlyFans accounts and are followed by hordes of fans. Sean Austin, who is a noted gay porn star from UK, joined OnlyFans in December 2019 and later encouraged his younger sister to follow suit. Speaking about his decision, Sean revealed, "When I decided to start OnlyFans, the success I had was absolutely amazing and overwhelming, I felt so fortunate but at the same time it can feel like a lot of people don’t understand.” Meanwhile, Daisy shared how their parents feel about their decision to pursue careers in adult entertainment. "My dad is really proud of me, he’s supportive of what I do."


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Daisy joined the platform in 2020 and soon it turned into her primary source of income. In March 2021, she finally opened up to her fans about her professional choice, and they enthusiastically supporter her. "He’s a typical Glaswegian man, he loves football and is a man’s man, so you’d assume he would be ashamed but it was a different story when I told him about OnlyFans," she said about her father, adding, "The main thing is me and my brother are safe and happy, and that’s all our parents care about – and all any parents should care about.”

The brother-sister duo has together earned over $2 Million from OnlyFans. Both of them are presently residing in luxury apartments in London, England. They are also planning a luxury family vacation to Los Angeles soon and they are sponsoring their parents' expenses for the same. "It’s so crazy to see how far Daisy and I have come as just a few years ago we were sharing a tiny flat in Glasgow," Sean remarked. 

Quashing speculations of incestuous content, they clarified that they would never film any explicit content with each other. However, Daisy admitted that her brother has always been helpful in shooting her raunchy photos. Highlighting her brother's sexuality, Daisy said, "It’s easier because Sean is gay, so it’s not embarrassing being in my underwear or showing my boobs, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. He is such a perfectionist and so honest with me – sometimes I’ll show him content and he’ll say if it’s not good. He keeps me grounded and tells me the truth, and I trust him more than most people, so he’s the best for taking content with.”

She also shared how she grew up watching her brother struggle with his sexuality. She now feels proud that Sean has accepted his sexual identity and also helps others feel comfortable about their homosexuality. Daisy further added, "When you’ve been in the industry long enough, nothing is embarrassing anymore."

Meanwhile, Sean revealed his happiness over his sister's OnlyFans success, "When Daisy began her OnlyFans page and became successful I was so grateful that not only did I have someone to share this journey with, but it was my sister as well. It’s been so great that we can both fully look after our family, and it’s really brought us all a lot closer.” 

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