Jae Crowder love life: Truth about murky splits with Dana Lambert and Lece Babi, wild STD allegation

Jae Crowder love life: Truth about murky splits with Dana Lambert and Lece Babi, wild STD allegation
Jae Crowder's (C) ex Dana Lambert (L) slammed Lece Babi on social media (Douglas P DeFelice/Getty Images, Instagram: @danaplambert, @lecebabi)

As Game 6 of the NBA Finals come closer, it's worth noting that Jae 'Bossman'  Crowder will be making it to the last round of the tournament for two seasons in a row. He reached his first NBA finals with the Miami Heat in 2020, and 2021 will see him play the finals with the Phoenix Suns. But these two very successful years enjoyed by the Boston native haven't been free of drama surrounding his personal life.

Known for making headlines more with his tumultuous personal life than his skilled performance on the court, Crowder's relationship history sees one hot mess after the other. The year 2020 saw the NBA pro break up with girlfriend Lece Babi and the two followed up the split with subtle Instagram digs at each other throughout the period everyone was stuck in quarantine. But that wasn't the only drama erupting in Crowder's life as his ex from years ago, Dana Lambert, threatened to expose him for cheating on her — a claim she had been making for years since their 2013 split. Lambert also slammed Babi.


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Jae Crowder of the Miami Heat shoots the ball during the fourth quarter against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Second Round during the 2020 NBA Playoffs (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Jae Crowder and Dana Lambert

The reason behind Lambert's fury was understandable. Babi, whom Crowder was still dating when Lambert threatened to expose his cheating allegations with proof, was rapper Future's ex-girlfriend. But here's the fun twist — Babi was also good friends with Lambert once upon a time. Lambert and the former Heat became an item in 2012, their daughter Jada arriving shortly after in October 2013.

Since then, Lambert has accused Crowder of infidelity so many times that Black Sports Online dubs it as an event resurfacing every three to six months or so. Lambert has accused Crowder of playing the cheating game better than he plays basketball. Her Instagram rants against the father of her child are always allegedly laden with expletives, according to the outlet Amo Mama.

In one of her December 2019 social media diss against Crowder, Lambert decided to pick on Babi, who was rumored to be dating the NBA pro at the time. Lambert accused Babi of having herpes and warned other men of getting intimate with her without using protection. She tagged Babi in her Instagram stories and called her "gross", alluding her as a side-chick whose promiscuity is the reason why she never gets "picked". 


Among other heated altercations that Lambert has been a part of is a 2016 incident where she was arrested for spitting on another woman at a Celtics vs Clippers game. Crowder was playing for the Celtics when the incident happened, and although it hasn't been reported whether he was the reason behind the longstanding beef Lambert had with the woman she spat on, their relationship never quite went back to being peaceful after that.

From accusing her close friend Marliesia Ortiz of sleeping with Crowder while Lambert and her daughter were asleep in the next room to herself being accused of cheating allegations — Lambert and Crowder have quite the history between them. In fact, when Crowder accused her of cheating on him, she hit back claiming Jada wasn't even his daughter. Lambert, who has also made headlines for creating a social media community for new mothers, has been infamous for threatening to expose Crowder's Heat teammates, accusing them of infidelity. So her snapping at Babi with claims of an STD didn't come as shocking.

Jae Crowder and Lece Babi

Rumors of Crowder and his baby mama's friend, Babi, becoming an item, boomed in late 2019. By the time the pandemic set in, the two went social media official with their relationship. Unfortunately, the bliss in their romp didn't last long, and just as quickly they had gotten together in quarantine, they also broke up in quarantine. While the reason behind their split wasn't revealed, the former couple kept their short-lived relationship's legacy alive by dissing each other on social media. 


In a string of screenshots posted by Black Sports Online at the time, Babi can be seen sharing through Instagram stories: "Some people only talk about you because they lost the privilege to talk to you", followed by the words "I'm baffled" with the puke-face emojis attacked. To that, Crowder replied through his own Instagram stories, with texts on a dark background reading "IF SHE REPLY TO THE OPPS...SHE THE OPPS," here 'opps' meaning the opposition or the enemy. Crowder followed that story up with another where he claimed in all caps once again "TAT MY NAME SO I KNOW THE LOVE IS REAL.!'

Although reports of their quarantine love ending prematurely was everywhere, the outlet wtfoot.com reports that Crowder and Babi ended things because of his ex Lambert. Since then, the two have reportedly patched up and are still an item, reports the outlet.

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