Jade Goody's 15-year-old son Bobby Brazier is a splitting image of his late mother

Jade's son is growing up to look quite like her and even fans could not help but notice the resemblance when he shared a picture of himself on Instagram.

                            Jade Goody's 15-year-old son Bobby Brazier is a splitting image of his late mother
Jade Goody (Source:Getty Images)

Jade Goody had two sons, Bobby and Freddie with her partner Jeff Brazier. Her eldest child 15-year-old Bobby seems to take after her in the looks department, growing up to look very similar to her. The young teenager lost his mother Jade in the year 2009 to cervical cancer but a recent photograph of his on Instagram feed showed off his strong family genes. Bobby was seen smartly dressed and it seemed as though he was hinting at the possibility of starting a modeling career as he pouted. He had also tagged a modeling agency in the photograph.  

He captioned the picture, "excited... have a good summer x". Bobby, who was only five-years-old when he lost his mother, received a lot of praise and support from his fans. One supportive fan commented, "U have grown into a handsome young man. ur mum would be so proud and ur dads done a fantastic job have a beautiful summer all of u [sic]". 

Jade's partner Jeff Brazier who is currently 39-years-old has revealed that his teenage boys will be his best men at his upcoming wedding to his fiance Kate Dwyer. Jeff explained to Mail Online that his children were absolutely perfect for the job. 

Jade Goody (Source: Getty Images)

Jeff recalled that the three of them had been "through a lot together" after the death of Jade who was 27-years-old when she passed away. "They are my best men! We’ve been through a lot together and to hear their speeches will be incredibly powerful for me, very poignant, a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life," Jeff said. 

"They’re probably it like me, we’re very in the moment, we can’t see four days let alone four months away. We’re all about enjoying half term. What we do as a family after school to make sure we get what we need from each other," Jeff continued. Jeff is about four months away from heading down the aisle and insisted that he is marrying the "right person" as his fiance has made "sacrifices" for his children. 

He credited his wife-to-be for having earned the title of 'step-mum' to his kids and the fact that she sees his boys as her own 'family'. "We’ve all learnt to adjust to each other. Kate has adjusted very well now to becoming a step mum and what it entails. And the sacrifices that have to be made in order to give the children what they need first and for most," Jeff continued. 

During an appearance on 'Loose Women', Jeff shared some details on his forthcoming nuptials. He told the panel, "I'm very happy. It's come together really nicely. Kate's a wonderful woman. She's got a great relationship with the boys. Freddie is hell-bent on having a step-mum, it really means a lot to him. There was a lot of pressure on Kate, but she has done a great job". 

Jeff and Kate announced their engagement in an interview with Hello! magazine and it is reported that the star popped the question in Ibiza at sunrise after dating for four years. "We walked out to the end of a jetty and sat on a wall that formed a harbor for the local fishing boats. Kate talked about how special the moment was, how relaxed and happy she felt, and I thought, Let's do it now," he revealed. 

"I told her I loved her and had been thinking about this for a while. I pulled the box with the ring out from my back pocket and asked if she would marry me. It was a very special moment," he continued.  

"We spend some lovely family time together as the four of us. I personally love it when Kate does things with the boys when I'm not around. I know the time Kate has with her family and friends is very precious to her and I know that Kate now realizes boys are family," he added. 

 "When she does take the kids with her, everybody always has a good time. That for me makes me feel like I'm marrying the right person," Jeff continued. While on Facebook Live last year, the couple shared that they would love to have a child and are hoping to have a baby girl.  

Jeff shared, "I need a girl. I've had the name Isabella for so, so long and I'd be really disappointed if I don't meet her one day. Bella Brazier, it just rings. And if she's naughty - Isabella!" to which Kate added, "Jeff would have one tomorrow. It's a few years off. I'm still young. I'd love to have a girl because I'm really outnumbered in the house, I don't think I could deal with more boys. But we'll just have to wait and see".