Jack Dorsey tells Stephen Colbert Twitter has perfect remedy for coronavirus misinformation: Snarky labels

Jack Dorsey tells Stephen Colbert Twitter has perfect remedy for coronavirus misinformation: Snarky labels
Jack Dorsey (Getty Images)

On Monday night's episode of 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced his new plan to curb misleading information on the Covid-19 crisis, or in general about the coronavirus that everybody seems to know everything about. Dorsey claims misleading information is everywhere on Twitter. Taking it to the talk show, Dorsey joked that wrongly opinionated tweets and people lying about their personal lives will be marked with snarky labels, which will make everyone think twice before posting bulls**t on the site again.

It all started with Dorsey promising labels that would direct users to properly verify Covid-19 related information. But Dorsey's intent to help his users will also include labels on tweets about people touting their "great bunches", where the label underneath will read: "No, the brunch wasn't great", he joked. Say for tweets hyping about how certain kinds of french fries are better than the other, Dorsey joked those tweets will be marked with labels like "no one cares what you think". That would flag a lot of unnecessary and not only irrelevant but also increasingly harmful misleading content.

Meanwhile, quarantined in his house, surrounded by his plants and practicing Tai-chi, Dorsey claims everybody was mean to him. So look what happened now? He's offering his own hilarious spin to people's stories. 

Arriving right in time as the hero the planet needs right now, when not flagging misleading content off the social networking platform, Dorsey also got people's approval when he recently announced that his employees can work from home for as long as they care. Forever, if they want to. His firm is not likely to return to office spaces until September, and after donating over $87M of his promised $1B towards Covid-19 relief, he just might be the hero we need.

Colbert's other guests on the latest episode included Kumail Nanjiani and Andrea Day with Elmo popping by to check up on the host and see how he's doing. Meanwhile, Nanjiani talked about what he's been cribbing about lately while Day calmed things down with the most soulful rendition of 'Ain't No Sunshine' by late musician Bill Withers.

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' airs every Monday to Friday at 11.35pm only on CBS.

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