‘Heaven’s EP’ Fan Review: J Cole calls Drake, K-Dot ‘superstars’, fans say 'hard asf'

On his new freestyle, J Cole hopped on Drake’s instrumental of ‘Pipe Down’- the single featured on the latter’s sixth album ‘Certified Lover Boy’

                            ‘Heaven’s EP’ Fan Review: J Cole calls Drake, K-Dot ‘superstars’, fans say 'hard asf'
J Cole in a still from 'Heaven's EP' ([email protected])

J Cole has had a wild year after he dropped his sixth studio album ‘The Off-Season’ in May, pulled off a couple of features with other artists, played professional basketball, and now is all set to go on a tour in September end. But, before he hit the road, Cole managed to surprise his fans with a brand new freestyle called ‘Heaven’s EP’ that he dropped on Tuesday, September 21.

The ‘Middle Child’ hitmaker accompanied the track with an official video on his YouTube channel. On his new freestyle, J Cole hopped on Drake’s instrumental of ‘Pipe Down’- the single featured on the latter’s sixth studio effort ‘Certified Lover Boy’. On the track, the 36-year-old rap icon gave a shout-out to Drake and Kendrick Lamar saying they were like “superstars” to him.” Social media users, who had no clue about Cole dropping a freeverse, erupted with joy on Twitter as they declared him “MVP of the Year”.
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J Cole in a still from 'Heaven's EP' ([email protected])



‘Behind Drake and Dot, yeah them n**gas is superstars’

J Cole, who is often compared to his counterparts Drake and Kendrick Lamar, gave a special mention to the two saying that he was willing to take the “bronze” as they were no less than “superstars” to him.” On a verse, the Frankfurt native raps, “Some people say that I’m running third, they threw the bronze at me/Behind Drake and Dot, yeah them ni**as is superstars to me/Maybe deep down I’m afraid of my luminosity/So when you see me on red carpets, I’m movin’ awkwardly.”

On the new freestyle, the acclaimed hip-hop heavyweight talks about his mindset to tackle his goals, his hesitation in public, and how he prefers to keep his kids away from negative publicity. In the intro, Cole begins, “I'm working on dying/ Yeah, yeah/ (Gotta have a space) Yeah (Gotta have a space)/ Know what I mean?/She belong to the streets.” He then goes into his verse and spits, “Fightin' back tears, I promised to switch gears/ And said to myself "Whatever you do, you won't do it partially"/ From this day forward, I move with a new ferocity/ Ferrari coupe velocity, a fail proof philosophy.”  J Cole’s latest album ‘The Off-Season’ debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and featured guest verses from 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Bas, 6lack, and Morray.







‘This is so much better than the original’

Hip-hop fans were more than elated to get a new song on a boring Tuesday. They thronged to Twitter as one of them claimed, “J. Cole is the Hip Hop MVP of the year.” Whereas, another user posted, “New J Cole got me thinking of ways to improve the black community.” One user asserted, “And it’s actually better than Drake’s version.”
The next one shared, “J Cole will even rap on Drake’s beats but won’t make a song with him.” Whereas, one stated, “This is so much better than the original oh my god.” One suggested, “We need this hunger on an album, artists gotta stop giving away their best s**t as throwaways.” Meanwhile, one declared, “J. Cole’s remix to Pipe Down hard asf.”  And, another concluded, “J Cole’s pen game is top tier!! It takes proper practice to get to that level. This new joint that just dropped is a testament to that. The rhyme scheme and catch phrases coupled with the cadence.” 

J Cole in a still from 'Heaven's EP' ([email protected])


















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