'Shameless' Season 10 Finale: Wedding of Ian and Mickey is all the perfection we need, tears are rolling

The wedding of Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich has been a long time coming, and the fans couldn't be happier with how it turned out

                            'Shameless' Season 10 Finale: Wedding of Ian and Mickey is all the perfection we need, tears are rolling

Spoiler alert for 'Gallovich' Season 10, Episode 12 of 'Shameless' 

The wedding that's been 10 years in the making has finally come to pass, and the song that sees Mickey (Noel Fisher) walk down the aisle to his groom Ian (Cameron Monaghan) couldn't be more perfect. 'At Last,' by Etta James plays loud for everyone to hear, and after everything the couple went through to get here, the wedding left 'Shameless' fans everywhere in tears. 

"THIS IS IT. MICKEY IS WALKING DOWN THE AISLE WHILE AT LAST BY ETTA JAMES IS PLAYING. IM CRYING" exclaimed on Twitter user. "Ian and Mickey finally getting what they deserve has restored a bit of my faith in humanity" said another.

One tweet points out the provocative cake topper, featuring models of both the grooms in a very compromising position. "Yas Mickey and Ian are FINALLY married and with the best cake topper." One fan praised the shows actors' performances, really selling the love between the two longtime paramours as they took their relationship to the next big step. "The #ShamelessSeason 10 finale was everything! #Gallavich is married! The way Ian and Mickey looked at each other in every scene they were in was amazing! " 

The two characters have been dating for a while, though not all of it has been smooth sailing. The two have broken up, seen other people, been on the run, reunited in prison, of all places, and recently broke up yet again until Ian was able to prove how much he cared for Mickey by proposing marriage after a bar brawl. One fan marks the journey, tweeting, "Wow I cried so hard at this episode I mean you grow up with characters for 10 years and to see them grow and change I can't believe next season the last I heard anyway thanks @SHO_Shameless for an awesome show with such talent in it." 

For now, the two have a happy ending, though a mid-credits scene shows that Mickey's father is still very much upset about the marriage, and is gunning for the two of them - literally. 

The next season of 'Shameless' is expected to air June, 2020. 

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