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Coronavirus: Quarantined Italians share video wishing they took precaution 10 days ago, say 'we took it lightly'

In these times of despair, Italians recorded video messages admonishing themselves 10 days ago for not taking coronavirus seriously
UPDATED MAR 20, 2020
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Italian citizens in quarantine have recorded video messages warnings others to not underestimate the coronavirus pandemic. In the videos, the people address themselves 10 days ago.

The confirmed cases in Italy have increased drastically with the numbers now hitting 30,000. The fatalities are even more alarming with hundreds of deaths being reported within 24 hours.

Amid the lockdown and orders for self-isolation, the devastated country is finding various means to cope as people remain indoors. Italians have been recording video messages and telling the world to take the epidemic seriously. The video shows them passing on advice they wish they had seriously 10 days ago. The infection has wrecked the country with the virus claiming at least 2,000 lives.

As a word of advice, Italians are warning affected countries to handle the outbreak with the seriousness it deserves. Imagining they were talking to themselves 10 days ago, the Italians start the video as a diary of sorts and say, "A huge mess is about to happen."

One Italian woman speaks about countries downplaying the extent of the deadly virus. "I'm sure you've heard of coronavirus, and I'm also pretty sure you're underestimating it," she said. Another, wearing a face mask, said, "I used to make fun of people wearing face masks."

"Stop making fun of mom for telling you to buy face masks," another said. One woman's message addresses the dreadful matter, "The worst-case scenario? That's exactly what will happen." Another said, "Whole nation stuck at home. Didn't see that coming?" One woman goes on to say, "We took it lightly."

They also addressed the fact about the elderly being more susceptible to the virus and made strong claims that self-quarantine is one of the best methods to prevent the infection from spreading.

Italy has shut down its bars, restaurants, schools and all events that call for a  mass gathering to prevent any further transmission of the disease. The government advised all citizens to go into self-isolation and avoid situations where they would be exposed to the virus and stressed on social distancing. Days later, a video of Italians singing melodious tunes on their balconies surfaced and most described it as 'moments of unity you could never imagine' when isolated.

"Stay at home," was the final piece of advice given by an Italian in the video compilation.